Greece at the Edge of the European Union

November 3, 2011 0

European leaders at the G20 Summit in Cannes have become increasingly frustrated with Greece’s recent decision to hold a referendum vote to determine whether Greece will remain a member of the European Union. On Wednesday French President Nicolas […]

A Closer Look at Greece’s Debt Problems

November 2, 2011 0

The global markets were in turmoil again on Tuesday after investors had time to digest Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou’s sudden decision on Monday to hold a referendum vote in Greece over the EU’s recent bailout agreement last week which helped […]

Greek Referendum and European Uncertainty

November 1, 2011 0

Greece Prime Minister George Papandreou made a surprise announcement on Monday to place Europe’s new rescue agreement for Greece up to a referendum vote in Greece. His decision has cast new doubts about the stability of the European Union to adequately manage Greece’s […]