House Approved Short-Term Spending Bill Faces Uphill Climb In Senate To Avert Government Shutdown

Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a short-term stopgap funding bill on Thursday but today the bill faces an uphill passage in the U.S Senate before Friday’s midnight deadline to fund the U.S. government and prevent a shutdown.

The spending bill faces an unlikely passage in the U.S. Senate because 60 votes are needed for approval and currently Republicans carry only 51 Senate seats and the vast majority of Democrats in the Senate aren’t likely to approve the bill and not all Republicans are voting “yes” for the bill.

Senate Republicans Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Rand Paul of Kentucky remain opposed to the short-term spending bill.

Democrats are mostly resistive to the Republican House approved stopgap spending bill that extends through mid-February and doesn’t address opioid addiction,or disaster relief for Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Island.

The bill also doesn’t cover health extenders for community health center nor make any solutions for DACA concerning an estimated 800,000 “Dreamers” or children of immigrants who illegally entered the U.S. that President Trump gave Congress six months to resolve last September.

“It doesn’t deal with community health centers, yes, it deals with CHIP for children but guess where they’d go? Many of them would go to community health centers and it did not deal with that and deal with other health extenders” said Rep. Sten Stoyer (D-Maryland) on CNN this morning.

President Trump has demanded that resolving DACA should be tied to funding a new southern border wall while ending chain migration and the visa lottery system.

Today he tweeted, ” Government Funding Bill past [SIC] last night in the House of Representatives.  Now Democrats are needed if it is to pass in the Senate- but they want illegal immigration and weak borders. Shutdown coming? We need more Republican victories in 2018!”

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York tweeted on Thursday that “we can’t keep kicking the can down the road.”

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