Trump To Decide About Fate Of U.S. Role In Iranian Nuclear Accord

Iran's nuclear program

President Trump will decide tomorrow whether the United States will suspend sanctions on Iran after he decertified in October 2017 a historic 2015 nuclear deal signed with Iran and 6 other world powers.

In 2015 Congress passed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act so Congress would have a voice on the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran that includes adopting Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions (JCPOA) containing limitations on Iran’s nuclear program as well as increased monitoring and transparency in exchange for the relief of existing international sanctions.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act still requires the President to certify the suspension of sanctions on Iran.

On October 13th President Trump pivoted away from the Obama Administration’s previous deal making role with Tehran and announced a new strategy that includes a decertification of the 2015 nuclear accord signed with Iran and fresh sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

During his October 13th speech, President Trump declared that laws under the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran include insufficient enforcement and near total silence on Iran’s missile programs.

According to the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is tasked with verifying Iran’s compliance with their nuclear program and so far hasn’t come forward with major charges of violations by Tehran.

The 2015 nuclear accord with Iran doesn’t make any major restrictions with Iran over its ballistic missile program which Tehran maintains is still needed for defensive purposes.

During a January 9th State Department press gaggle with Steven Goldenstein, Under Secretary For Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, admitted that the United States is listening to what their allies and others have to say about their view on the nuclear deal.

Thus far, European allies and U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres have encouraged the U.S. to continue supporting the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord.

Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the U.K. offered his support for the Iran nuclear deal and support for Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions (JCPOA’s).

“We greatly value the Iranian nuclear deal” Johnson said in a recent speech.

According to the Associated Press, President Trump will announce tomorrow in a speech on Friday that the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran is no longer in the United States’ national security interests but he won’t withdraw the United States from the nuclear accord.

President Trump is expected to outline faults he finds in the 2015 nuclear accord and focus on Iran’s troubling non-nuclear activities including their ballistic missile program, support for Syrian President Bashir Assad, and support for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

President Trump is facing a Sunday deadline to notify Congress if Iran is complying with the 2015 nuclear accord.

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