Democratic And Republican Leaders To Meet Today To Discuss Fate Of DACA

Capitol Hill Building

President Trump will meet today with Republican and Democrat leaders over DACA  concerning an estimated 800,000 children, typically called “Dreamers” of parents who illegally entered the country and received a temporary 2 year deferred action from deportation while qualifying for a U.S. work permit subject to good behavior.

Democrats are attempting to forge out way for dreamers to remain living in the U.S. and avoid the threat of deportation since President Trump rescinded DACA on September 5th but gave Congress 6 months to decide how to deal with the qualifying population.

The Dream Act bill was initially aimed at providing a permanent pathway for U.S. citizenship but it was rejected in Congress in 2007 and failed again when it came up for reconsideration in 2011.

On June 15, 2012 U.S. President Barack Obama announced a policy change under DACA that permits certain immigrants to avoid the threat of deportation and qualify for a work permit.

The deferred guideline under DACA is valid for 2 years and is renewable based on good behavior.

Democrats want to address DACA before a looming January 19th budget deadline concerning the funding of the U.S. government.

President Trump announced on Saturday from Camp David in Maryland that he wants to tie DACA with some new funding for a border wall that is estimated to cost $18 billion, while getting rid of chained migration, the lottery system, and increase funding for border security.

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of California tweeted on Monday that the Trump administration should stop treating Dreamers like a bargaining chip and explained that they are human beings and what’s at stake for them is life as they know it.

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