After Approving Large Tax Cuts And Massive Military Budget, Congress Expected To Tackle Budget, Welfare Reform, and Infrastructure In 2018

U.S. Budget

After passing tax reform for the U.S. economy that goes into effect in 2018 and a massive military budget, U.S. lawmakers on Capitol Hill will soon be faced confronting a longer-term spending bill since a short-term spending measure approved by Congress in December only funds the U.S. government through January 19th while other domestic issues such as welfare reform and infrastructure spending are likely to surface before mid-term elections in November 2018.

President Trump tweeted on December 22nd that infrastructure would be a perfect place to start rebuilding our country with Democrats in a Bipartisan fashion after he criticized previous U.S. administrations for foolishly spending $ 7 trillion in the Middle East.

Spending On Foreign Policy Matters

The U.S. spent trillions during the Iraq invasion in 2003 and attempting to stabilize the country during the post Sadaam Hussein era with sections of the country in Southeast Iraq and Baghdad eventually falling under Shia control while other regions of the country facing Sunni extremism with ISIS which has only recently been losing territory and control across the region.

In 2017 President Trump signed off on a massive 2018 military budget of $ 700 billion which includes missile defense systems designed to handle possible military confrontations from North Korea or Iran during a time when the isolated North Korean regime faces wider economic sanctions and Iran’s influence across the Middle East following their 2015 nuclear accord with 6 world powers has grown stronger, especially across Iraq and Syria.

Ukraine Security Assistance 

Under the terms of the 2018 U.S. military budget, Congress has already authorized Ukraine receiving $500 million in security assistance, consisting of defensive lethal assistance, missiles, with half of the funding contingent upon Ukraine adopting defensive institutional reforms.

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