Sen. Susan Collins Says She’s Disappointed The Republican National Committee Resumed Support For Moore

Republican Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) said on CBS’s Face the Nation that she is disappointed the Republican National Committee has resumed its support for Roy Moore, a Republican Alabama Senatorial candidate who faces new accusations from several women that claim he committed sexual misconduct against them when they were in their early teens and he was in his 30’s and worked as a district attorney.

“I’m disappointed the RNC has resumed its support for Roy Moore. I think that’s a mistake. I would point out that I did not support Mr. Moore even prior to these allegations of sexual misconduct because I was concerned about his anti-Muslim comments, his anti-LGBT comments, and also, most important of all, he’d been removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court for failure to follow lawful judicial orders” Sen. Collins said.

Senator Collins said that Republicans care just as much as Democrats about sexual misconduct and sexual harassment and she’s joining a bipartisan group of senators who are trying to look at their procedures on Capitol Hill to assure that allegations of sexual misconduct involving members or staff are dealt with seriously.

President Donald Trump, who has faced past sexual misconduct accusations of his own from a variety of women that surfaced during the 2016 election, continues to support Moore and recently tweeted on December 9th,

“We can’t have a Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Democrat, Jones, in that important Alabama Senate seat. Need your vote to Make America great Again! Jones will always vote against what we must do for our Country.”

Although poll results show that Roy Moore’s popularity took a hit following the sexual misconduct accusations in November, the latest poll results from a variety of polls including the Trafalgar Group, Gravis, and WBRC-T..V./Strategy Research shows that he closely leads Democratic Senatorial challenger Doug Jones ahead of the December 12th Alabama Senatorial vote.

According to a Real Clear Politics average of major polls taken from 11/27 – 12/8 Moore leads by a point spread of 3.8 percent over Democratic challenger Doug Jones.

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