North Korea Admits To Test Firing Another Intercontinental Ballistic Rocket

The North Korean government in Pyongyang announced on Wednesday through a statement that they successfully test fired a newly developed intercontinental ballistic rocket Hwasong-15, launched from the suburbs of Pyongyang, that flew for 53 minutes, reaching an altitude of 4,475 km, and landed 950 km away in a targeted area of the Sea of Japan.

According to state-run KCNA, Pyongyang’s latest ballistic test was tipped with a “super- large heavy warhead” which is capable of striking mainland United States and is their most powerful ballistic missile.

After testing their ballistic missile, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared that North Korea has realized the cause of completing the state nuclear force, and the cause of building a rocket power.

Pyongyang said that the success of intercontinental ballistic rocket Hwasong-15 is a “priceless victory” won by the North Korean people and is used to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country from “U.S. imperialists’ nuclear blackmail policy and nuclear threat.”

Later in the statement, Pyongyang declared that as a “responsible nuclear power and peace loving state”, they will make every possible effort to defend peace and stability of the world.

U.S. President Trump reacted to the news about Pyongyang’s latest intercontinental ballistic test by saying, “I will only tell you that we will take care of it.”

Pyongyang remains heavily sanctioned by the U.N. after the reclusive Korean country tested its 6th nuclear test and several ballistic missile tests this past year in defiance against U.N. resolutions.

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