Republican Sen. Rob Portman Says It Would Be Best If Roy Moore Would Step Aside

Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) said on NBC’s Meet the Press today that he believes it would be best if Alabama Republican Senator candidate Roy Moore would step aside following recent allegations from nine women that he engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships with them when they were young teenage girls and he was in his 30’s and employed as a district attorney.

“Well I stand with what I said earlier, which is I think it’d be best if he stepped aside, and by the way I think the president said that initially” Sen. Portman said.

“I think that would be better for the country and, you know, the election is in a few weeks here, or in a couple weeks maybe, and, you know, there is a possibility for folks to do write in candidates, so we’ll see but no, I think it’d be best if he stepped aside” Sen. Portman added.

Portman explained that when the sexual allegations surfaced, and more women went on record against Moore, he thought there was a lot of credibility in what they were saying.

Portman said that he endorses the other Republican candidate Luther Strange, who lost to Roy Moore in the election primary runoff, but could be a write in candidate.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders previously told reporters that President Trump believes that if the sexual allegations facing Roy Moore were true, then he should step aside.

But more recently President Trump has changed his tune over the thorny topic.

In a recent press conference on November 21th before his departure on Marine One, President Trump maintained that Roy Moore “totally denies it” concerning the new sexual allegations by his accusers and said “we don’t need a liberal person in there” in reference to Democratic Alabama Senatorial candidate Doug Jones.

President Trump To Meet With Congressional Leaders On Tuesday

President Trump will be meeting with Congressional leaders on Tuesday and work to advance political support for new tax reform before the end of 2017.

This week the Senate will begin to debate their own version of the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act that was approved this month in the Republican majority House of Representatives.

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