Trump Continues To Tweet About UCLA Basketball Players Caught Shoplifting In China

After tweeting critical comments on Saturday about former Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, calling her the biggest and worst loser ever,  President Trump has renewed his focus on 3 UCLA basketball players recently caught shoplifting in China with a new round of tweets about Lavar Ball, the father of Li Angelo Ball, one of the UCLA basketball players who was arrested for shoplifting in China.

President Trump played a major role requesting from Chinese President Xi Jinping the release of Li Angelo Ball and 2 of his UCLA basketball teammates from a Chinese jail.

President Trump tweeted on Sunday that shoplifting is a very big deal in China but not to father Lavar Ball and then claimed he should have waited to get Lavar’s son, Li Angelo, released during his next trip to China.

He also accused him of being “Very ungrateful!”

In another tweet on Sunday, President Trump claimed that father LaVar was “unaccepting” of what he had done for his son Li Angelo concerning his release from jail in China.

Earlier on November 15th President Trump questioned if the 3 UCLA basketball players will say thank you to him for helping to secure their release and claimed they were all headed for 10 years in jail.

On November 16th, President Trump tweeted 2 other tweets about the 3 UCLA basketball players in which he offered a welcome response for his past intervention efforts in China and also tweeted that they should give a big thank you to President Xi Jinping of China who actually made their release possible.

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John Schweitzer

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