House To Vote Today On Senate Approved Budget Deal

House Representatives in the U.S. House are set to vote today on a budget plan that was previously approved last week in the Senate that makes room for $ 1.5 trillion in future tax cuts through deficit spending and adds a key procedural change by allowing for a simple majority vote in the Senate on a future tax reform package instead of requiring 60 votes that currently makes it more easier for Senate Democrats to obstruct.

Republicans hold a 52-48 advantage over Democrats in the Senate.

Some House Republicans in high tax states like California and New York are concerned because the newly approved Senate budget deal they will soon vote on today would end deductions for state and local taxes, a shift in policy that isn’t well received by their constituents in their home states.

Yesterday, President Trump met with Republican Senators and described his meeting as unified and a “lovefest” when speaking to reporters on the South Lawn before his departure to Joint Base Andrews.

President Trump tweeted about his “love fest” fill with standing ovations in a tweet yesterday:

“The meeting with Republican Senators yesterday, outside of Flake and Corker, was a love fest with standing ovations and great ideas for USA!”

Responding to questions about his meeting yesterday with Republican Senators, President Trump told reporters that “We’re really unified on what we want to do.”

President Trump said there is unity about tax cuts for the middle class and businesses.

“We want tax cuts for the middle class. We want tax cuts for businesses to produce jobs. There’s great unity” he said.

Yesterday President Trump also spoke to Chinese President Xi on the phone to congratulate him about his elevation as leader and about North Korea and trade.

“Spoke to President Xi of China to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation. Also discussed NoKo & trade, two very important subjects!” Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

In 2 weeks, President Trump travels to Beijing, China.

Trump tweeted yesterday that both he and Melania look forward to being with President Xi & Madame Peng Liyuan in China.

“Melania and I look forward to being with President Xi & Madame Peng Liyuan in China in two weeks for what will hopefully be a historic trip!” Trump tweeted.

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