After North Korea Fires Another Missile, U.S. Secreatry Of State Tillerson Holds Phone Call With South Korean Foreign Minister

North Korea launched another missile on Friday that landed 1,500 miles past Japan in the Pacific Ocean just 4 days after the U.N. Security Council imposed a new round of sanctions on the defiant regime in Pyongyang that remains focused on developing their weapons program after they carried out a 6th underground nuclear test on September 3rd and continue firing missiles towards Japan.

South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement on Friday stating the launch of another ballistic missile by DPRK’s ( Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is not only a clear violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions, but also truly a grave challenge to peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and beyond.

“The DPRK must clearly realize that abandoning its nuclear and missile programs is the true path to ensuring its security and economic development, immediately halt its reckless provocations and promptly come out to the path of dialogue for denuclearization” said South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha spoke by phone with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday, assessed the latest North Korean ballistic missile launch, and had in- depth discussions on ways to respond to it.

Secretary Tillerson reaffirmed the firm commitment of the U.S. to the defense of South Korea and Japan.

Secretary Tillerson and South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha agreed to continue close strategic communications ahead of the UN General Assembly next week.

North Korean state run media KCNA posted a statement on Friday that took aim at South Korea’s “puppet forces” for depending on outside forces and said that U.S. led “imperialists” are feeling extreme uneasiness and terror owing to the “great tremor” caused by the DPRK’s nuclear thunder.

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