Fresh Back From International Travel, Trump Tweets A Storm

Fresh back from his travels to Europe and the Middle East where he played the role of dealmaker with the Saudis an acted as an antagonist with Europeans, U.S. President Donald Trump fired away on Twitter over the week-end and resumed his typical disdain for the “fake news media.”

During his Middle East trip that wrapped up last week, President Trump helped to forge new defense related military deals with Saudi Arabia worth over $100 billion and then later lectured Europeans about contributing more to NATO in their defense budgets while showing reluctance to embrace the Paris Agreement concerning climate change.

Although President Trump was withdrawn before international reporters during his first major international trip, he quickly resumed his zest for tweeting about a variety of topics upon returning home to the United States.

President Trump weighed in about a wide range of topics on Twitter, from his usual ranting about the “fake news media” and leaks at the White House to another tweet about his need from the U.K. for the full details of the recent Manchester terrorism attack.

Some of the other topics President Trump tweeted about includes his criticism about the way the Montana Congressional race was covered in the media to a bizarre tweet about healthcare in which he suggests that we “add more dollars to healthcare and make it best anywhere”, even though the Republican inspired American Health Care Act which he stands by and endorses actually makes massive spending cuts, especially with Medicaid.

The latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score for the American Health Care Act or “Trumpcare” that was released last week shows that if it is fully adopted, it would reduce the cumulative federal deficit over the 2017-2026 period by $119 billion, helped by a large $834 billion cut to Medicaid which serves poorer Americans.

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