Trump Sends Lukewarm Earth Day Statement As Thousands March on Earth Day For Science

As thousands of people rallied around the world on Saturday during Earth Day in support of March For Science that occurred in 600 cities across the world with a large rally occurring at the National Mall in Washington D.C., President Trump sent out a lukewarm Earth Day statement that fell short of acknowledging climate change unlike his predecessor former President Obama.

Many organizers of the March for Science come unsurprisingly from the scientific community.

A variety of organizers remain skeptical of the agenda and environmental policies of the Trump administration which has shown reluctance to connect climate change with human activity, despite a wide body of scientific research that shows a connection.

Ninety-seven percent of actively published climate scientists agree that climate warming trends over the past century are “very likely due to human activities,” and the majority of leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.

NASA, whose climate science agencies are facing drastic budget cuts under the Trump administration, has provided some clear evidence on their website showing atmospheric CO2 has notably increased since the Industrial Revolution.













Earth-orbiting satellites and other technological advances over the past 60 years have enabled scientists to see the big picture and collect much more information about the changing climate.

NASA wrote that over the past 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat.

Approximately 7,000 years ago there was an abrupt end of the last ice age that marked the beginning of the modern climate era.

Ice cores drawn from Greenland, Antarctica, and tropical mountain glaciers have shown that the Earth’s climate responds to changes in greenhouse gas levels and ancient evidence drawn from tree rings, ocean sediments, coral reefs, and layers of sedimentary rocks, have revealed evidentiary proof that current warming is occurring roughly ten times faster than the average rate of ice-age-recovery warming.

March For Science

The March For Science website claims they unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group calling for science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence based policies in the public interest.

March For Science also wrote,”An American government that ignores science to pursue ideological agendas endangers the world.”

President Trump’s Earth Day statement turns the tables on March For Science’s philosophy and states rigorous science is critical to efforts in his administration to achieve the twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection but concludes, “we should remember that rigorous science depends not on ideology, but on a spirit of honest inquiry and robust debate.”

Both March For Science and President Trump appear skeptical of each others’ ideologies.

President Trump defended his administration’s efforts to reduce environmental regulations and wrote in his statement that his administration is “reducing unnecessary burdens on American workers and American companies” while being mindful that their actions must also protect the environment.

President Trump said that his administration can and must protect our environment without harming Americas working families.

Environmentalists reject the notion that protective actions to save the environment are harmful to families and counter that protecting the environment ultimately saves vulnerable communities at risk due to the damaging environmental impacts of climate change.

Former President Barack Obama, who helped lead U.S. efforts to lower green house emissions and played a leading role with Paris Agreement when it became adopted on 12 December 2015, wrote a Earth day statement a year ago that affirms human activity has a disruptive role with climate change.

“Human activity is disrupting the climate, and the challenge of combating climate change is one that will define the contours of our time.  The effects of climate change are already evident in stronger storms, deeper droughts, more rapidly eroding soil, and longer wildfire seasons and as of last year, 14 of the 15 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000.  This urgent threat will worsen with each passing year unless we act now” former President Obama said in his 2016 Earth Day statement.

President Trump has once called climate change a “hoax invented by the Chinese” and his new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was recently criticized for claiming that carbon monoxide is not a primary contributor to global warming.

EPA Administrator Pruitt was interviewed on Fox News Sunday on April 2nd and admitted “what Paris represents is bad deal for this country.”

“We frontloaded our costs. China and India backloaded theirs. That caused a contraction in our economy” Pruitt added as he spoke with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

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