Trump Adminstration Facing Mixed Reaction About Syrian Air Assault

The Trump administration is facing mixed reaction to the presidential decision that was made late Thursday evening by President Trump to launch Tomahawk airstrikes in Syria against targets at Syria’s second largest airbase after bypassing a Congressional vote in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on Tuesday in rebel held Syrian Idlib province that was believed to have been done by the Assad regime.

U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on NBC’s Meet the Press that the U.S. has “multiple priorities” in Syria, including defeating ISIS and getting Iranian influence out of the war torn country.

Ambassador Haley admitted on Sunday that the announcement by President Trump to strike the Shayrat airbase in  Syria was his “finest hour since he’s taken office.”

Ambassador Haley said earlier that the U.S. is prepared to do more in Syria but hopes that won’t be necessary.

She pointed out on NBC’s Meet the Press that the Russians quickly went on the defensive immediately following Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack, showing their first priority was to cover for Syrian President Assad.

Asked about whether the U.S has achieved their objective in Syria, Ambassador Haley said there’s “no easy solution” to the crisis that’s in Syria but the main focus of the U.S. is to focus on strengthening the ceasefire in Syria which hasn’t held up thus far.

Yesterday Syrian government aircraft launched fresh air assaults in the Idlib Province, the same region that came under a chemical weapons attack last Tuesday and the Shayrat Airbase remains operational despite facing an air assault early Friday by 59 U.S. Tomahawk missiles.

Ambassador Haley admitted that in no way does the U.S. look at peace happening in the Syrian region with Iranian influence and Russia covering up for Assad.

“In no way do we see peace in that area with Assad as the head of the Syrian government. And we have to make sure that we’re pushing that process. The political solution has to come together for the good of the people of Syria” Ambassador Haley said on Meet the Press.

Ambassador Haley explained that while pushing towards a political solution, the U.S. wants to have the backs of their allies in the region which includes Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq.

The Assad regime and Russia has criticized the U.S. for taking recent unilateral military action in Syria towards the Syrian government.

President Trump made it clear during his statement on Thursday evening that the chemical weapons attack in the Idlib Province of Syria crossed many red lines and remains a national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.

‘There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and ignored the urging of the U.N. Security Council” President Trump said on Thursday evening in a statement from Mar-A-Lago, Florida.

Asked about presenting some of the evidence about the chemical attacks, linking the deadly assaults to the Assad regime, Ambassador Haley said “We had the evidence that they had done it.”

“It’s obviously classified. So certainly, I’m not the one that would release that information. But it was enough that the president knew” Ambassador Haley said.

She later said that she doesn’t doubt that the information won’t come out.

Some U.S. politicians such as Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have criticized President Trump for failing to go through Congress to gain political support before  launching air assaults on Syrian government targets.

“We don’t have a system where the president just gets to launch missiles against anybody they want to. And they haven’t presented a plan to Congress and asked for our approval” Senator Tim Kaine explained on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Sen. Bernie Sanders was also questioned on Meet the Press about President Trump’s response in Syria and said the President has to better explain his long term goals.

Sen. Sanders wants the U.S. to work with countries around the world for a political solution instead of trying to intervene in Syria unilaterally and putting 50 missiles in Syria.

Written and Edited By:

Johnathan Schweitzer


Here’s my latest YouTube video where I offer some additional commentary about the U.S. air assault in Syria.





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