Senate Majority Leader McConnell Said U.S. Airstrike Sends A Message To Assad, Iran, Russians, and North Korea

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said during a press conference yesterday that he supports the U.S. airstrike in Syria against Assad’s chemical weapons facility early Friday which he described as certainly more than a pinprick and sends a message to Syrian President Assad that using chemical weapons again is something he cannot do with impunity.

“But I think it also re-assures our center of allies that America is back in terms of playing a leadership role and trying to be constructive in a variety of different places around the world as well as a message to Iran, and North Korea, and the Russians that America intends to lead again” McConnell said.

McConell explained the U.S. airstrike was simply about “don’t use chemical weapons again” and admitted he doesn’t know how there could be a possible settlement in Syria that includes Assad after the “butchering” he’s done of his own people for the past 4-5 years.

Asked about slapping additional sanctions on Russia, Assad’s main regional supporter, Senate Majority Leader McConnell said he’s glad the Trump administration hasn’t lifted any sanctions and  is open to discussing additional sanctions if there is enough bipartisan support.

“The Russians are not our friends and I think they have demonstrated that over and over and over again” McConnell emphasized.

Next week U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected to meet in Russia for a meeting with Russian leaders which comes at a time when relations between the two countries have worsened.

City Of Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria Faces New Bombing Raid

CNN reported today that the Syrian air force is resuming flight operations at the Shayrat Airbase where the U.S. launched 59 tomahawk missiles early Friday and President Trump claimed aircraft from the Syrian airbase, the 2nd largest in Syria, was directly used in the chemical weapons attack on Khan Sheikhoun that killed over 85 civilians, including many children and women.

According to CNN, Khan Sheikhoun is experiencing fresh airstrikes today.

Although it wasn’t immediately clear who conducted the airstrikes, only Russian and Syrian planes have been bombing the rebel held Idib region.

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