White House Chief Of Staff Priebus Defends President Trump’s Anti-Media Sentiment

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, a trusted adviser of President Trump, appeared on Sunday morning talk shows to explain the reason for Trump’s recent anti-media tweet in which he called the FAKE NEWS media the “enemy of the American people” without providing any further explanation for his controversial statement on Twitter.

Priebus told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that 2 stories last week from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal were inaccurate and said it is something Trump terms “fake news.”

Priebus explained that the New York Times story about the Trump campaign having contacts with Russian spies followed by a Wall St. Journal story about the U.S. intelligence community purposely not giving the full material for President Trump’s daily briefings are incorrect.

Priebus cited unnamed “top level” contacts with intelligence officials that led him to conclude that the 2 stories from the Wall Street Journal and N.Y. Times were false.

Speaking on CBS’s Face The Nation, Priebus reported that the media “really needs to get its act together” and said we’ve gotten to a place where “the media is willing to run with unnamed sources, apparently false leaked documents, to create stories.”

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