Dept. of Homeland Security Suspends Trump’s Executive Order Concerning Immigration, Travel Ban

One day after a federal judge in Seattle granted a Temporary Restraining Order on Friday from Washington State’s Attorney General halting the implementation of President Trump’s Executive Order immigration ban that temporarily closes the door to refugees and citizens from 7 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement that suspends the order while President Trump vows to have the decision overturned.

The statement from Dept. of Homeland Security on Saturday states they have suspended “any and all actions” implementing the affected sections of the January 27th Executive Order entitled, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.”

The suspension of President Trump’s controversial January 27th Executive Order includes actions to halt passenger system rules that flag travelers subject to the order.

However, the Department of Homeland Security said in their statement “at the earliest possible time”, the Department of Justice (DOJ) intends to file an emergency stay of this order and defend the president’s Executive Order, which they called “lawful and appropriate.”

President Trump tweeted on Saturday that the legal opinion on Friday “is ridiculous and will be overturned.”

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned.”

Trump also tweeted, “When a country is no longer able to say who can, and who cannot , come in & out, especially for reasons of safety &.security – big trouble!”

Here is a video of the recent court hearing in Washington state.

The lawsuit filed by Attorney General’s Offices in Washington State and Minnesota cited the economic impact felt across both states from Trump’s immigration and travel ban related to jobs and economic stability.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee issued a statement on Friday acknowledging the temporary court victory and said they are fighting on the right side of history to challenge the Executive Order.

“There is still more to do. The fight isn’t yet won. But we should feel heartened by today’s victory and more resolute than ever that we are fighting on the right side of history” Governor Jay Inslee said.

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