Trump Set To Sign Executive Order With Travel Ban From 7 Muslim Majority Countries

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to sign a presidential executive order today that will halt travel entry to the U.S. from 7 Muslim majority countries across the Middle East and North Africa that have known ties to terrorism, according to a draft proposal obtained by Bloomberg News.

The 7 countries included in the proposed immigration and travel ban are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya.

The Trump administration is also considering a temporary 120 day suspension of refugee admissions combined with an overall reduction in the total number of refugees permitted to gain entry into the U.S. by imposing a cap in fiscal 2017 of 50,000 from 110,000.

The U.S. government is also reportedly developing a “permanent list” of countries where visas to the U.S. won’t be issued again.

Extreme vetting of visa applicants will occur for refugees whose country of origin has terrorism ties.

Trump And British PM Theresa May To Meet Today In Washington

U.S. President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet today in Washington and are expected to discuss Brexit, NATO, Russia, and trade issues.

Yesterday the Mexican peso fell after White House Spokesman Sean Spicer announced that President Trump is considering a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports to help pay for a new border wall along the U.S.- Mexico border.

White Spokesman Spicer made that announcement after Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto canceled his meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Before the cancellation, pressure was building on President Enrique Pena Nieto to not meet with President Trump because earlier he tweeted his disapproval of the $60 billion trade deficit with Mexico from NAFTA and suggested that if Mexico is unwilling to pay for the new border wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting.

“The U.S. has a 60 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting” Trump tweeted.

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