U.S. VP Biden Speaks At Davos About Preserving The Liberal International Order

Following President elect Donald Trump’s unsettling comments over the week-end to European journalists about NATO being obsolete and downplaying the significance of the European Union, U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden offered his support to these democratic institutions in a speech on Wednesday at Davos, Switzerland attended by influential business and political leaders.

“The impulse to hunker down, shut the gates, build walls, and exit at this point is precisely the wrong answer” Biden said.

Biden spoke passionately about the need to preserve democratic values and institutions that support the liberal international order.

“In recent years it has become very evident that the consensus upholding this system is beginning to face incredible and increasing pressures from both within our countries and without” Biden said.

President elect Trump has been critical towards European nations that contribute less of the 2 percent of their GDP towards defense spending and pointed out that NATO isn’t equipped to combat terrorism.

Currently, only five NATO countries are meeting their 2 percent GDP goal towards defense spending.

Trump has spoken positively about Britain leaving the European Union and supported the “leave side” during Britain’s Brexit vote in June.

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