Senate Confirmation Hearings To Begin On Tuesday

Beginning on Tuesday the Senate will hold confirmation hearings for President elect-Trump’s cabinet selections on the same day U.S. President Barack Obama will give a farewell speech in Chicago that is expected to be a call to action for new leadership which comes after Republicans gained majorities in both the House and the Senate during the election on November 8th.

Although the Senate confirmation hearings are set to begin on Tuesday, the hearing of Secretary Of Education Betsy De Vos is already delayed nearly one week until January 17th.

The vetting process has been slower than expected and the Office of Government Ethics raised some questions about the confirmation timeline.

Democrats are asking for the full background materials from all of the nominees, including their tax returns.

All of the nominees aren’t officially confirmed until after President- elect Trump is sworn in on January 20th.

President elect Donald Trump will hold his first press conference on Wednesday.

Here is the full Senate confirmation hearing schedule:

Attorney General- Tuesday 1/10- 1/11- Senator Jeff Sessions

Homeland Security- Tuesday  1/10- John Kelly

CIA Director- Wednesday 1/11- Mike Pompeo

Secretary of Transportation – 1/11- Elaine Chao

Secretary of Education 1/11- Update — Delayed until 1/17– Betsy De Vos

Secretary of State- Wednesday 1/11- 1/12  Rex Tillerson

Secretary of Commerce- Thursday 1/12- Wilbur Ross Jr.

Secretary of Defense- Thursday 1/12- James Mattis

Secretary of Housing- Thursday 1/12- Ben Carson

Secretary of Labor- Tuesday 1/17 – Andy Puzder (tentative)

UN Ambassador- Wednesday 1/18- Nikki Haley (tentative)

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