New Pew Poll Shows Americans Have Low Approval Rating Of Trump’s Cabinet Selections

With only 42 days away until inauguration, president-elect Donald Trump is facing an American public that has a low approval rating for his cabinet picks and high level appointments, according to the latest poll results from Pew Research Center.

The latest national survey from Pew Research released on December 8th and conducted November 30- December 5th shows that just 40 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s cabinet picks and high level appointments and only 41 percent of Americans approve of  Trump’s job explaining his policies and plans for the future.

By contrast, President Barack Obama received a 71 percent approval rating in December 2008 concerning his cabinet choices and George Bush received a 58 percent approval rating concerning his cabinet appointments in January 2001.

Obama had a 72 percent approval rating over his ability to explain his policies and plans for the future while Bush received a 50 percent rating, according to the Pew poll.

When polled Americans were asked if they think Trump will be a good or great president, 35 percent responded “yes”, which is higher than the 25 percent rating Trump received in October.

Trump caused some controversy when he selected anti-establishment and right-wing media executive Steve Bannon of Breitbart News to a senior White House position as his chief strategist and senior counselor.

Bannon has touted right wing conspiracy theories over a host of issues and was associated with the alt-right movement during his past with Breitbart News.

Several minorities have expressed concern that Bannon represents racist views due to his past affiliation with Breitbart News.

Trump’s selection of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has caused some concerns among immigrants largely due to his hardline stance towards immigration.

Sessions has rejected over the past 2 decades a majority of Senate bills containing a pathway for citizenship for undocumented immigrants and even fought against guest worker and visa programs for foreigners skilled in math, science, and technology.

Sessions is a climate change denier and will fit in nicely with Trump’s recent EPA selection of Scott Pruitt, who was previously Attorney General in Oklahoma and previously described himself as “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda” who wants to dismantle the environmental agency.

Pruitt has filed lawsuits in the past against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, concerning emissions from power plants and also filed a lawsuit against the Clean Water Act in 2015 which was later dismissed by an Oklahoma judge in 2016.

Selected to lead as Secretary of Health and Human Services, Trump selected Tom Price from Georgia, a critic and opponent of the 2010 Affordable Care Act who wants to change and transform how Medicare works.

As Education Secretary, Trump has chosen Betsy DeVos, a billionaire and education activist who has no education degree, no teaching experience, supports expanding school choice through vouchers, and has never put her own children in public education.

DeVos used her wealth and influence to weaken teacher unions and rights in Michigan and supports funneling money out of public education and into for profit religious based education.

Trump has chosen Dr. Ben Carson, a former neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate, to lead as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Dr. Carson has previously said he does not want to work in government.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has said Carson isn’t qualified to run HUD which led Republican conservative Mike Huckabee to throw in the race card and fire back by questioning if Pelosi is “racist or dumb?”

Trump’s National Security Adviser selection is Ret. Lt. Michael Flynn, who previously served as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from July 2012- August 2014, and claimed during an August radio interview that Arabic signs were posted along the U.S.-Mexican border to guide potential state sponsored terrorists and radicalized Muslims into the United States.

The Arabic signs Ret. Lt. Michael Flynn have cited along the border have still not been confirmed.

Trump’s new selection of Andy Puzder as head of the Labor Department has caused some concerns among labor unions and labor rights supporters who don’t like the fact that Puzder has advocated against higher minimum wage, opposes extending overtime for workers in the food industry, and has voiced support for automation in the food industry.

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