Trump’s Foreign Policy Under Microscope As He Makes Key Cabinet Selections

The foreign policy of president elect Donald Trump largely remains a mystery since he has no foreign policy experience in the political arena and gave mixed messages about his foreign policy positions during the presidential campaign season.

The Associated Press is reporting that president elect Donald Trump is meeting with Retired Marine General James Mattis on Saturday.

General Mattis is believed to be one of the top candidates for a position as Defense Secretary.

Besides filling the Defense Secretary position, Trump will also need to make a selection for Secretary of State.

Former 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a refined statesman, and outspoken critic of Trump during the presidential campaign, is one possible candidate for the Secretary of State position, according to a variety of media sources.

U.S. foreign policy under a future Trump administration will be closely watched and scrutinized across the world, especially in more volatile regions such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Afghanistan, and North Korea.


Under the Obama administration, the United States was able to negotiate the destruction of large amounts of chemical weapons in Syria from 2013-14′.

However, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose mostly Alawite administration stands accused of using violent crackdowns to quell Arab Spring uprisings in 2011 and using chemical weapons on Syrian civilian populations, remains in power in Syria with a new surge in Russian military support.

Thus far, U.S. policy towards Syria has coalesced around building a coalition with its allies, including Arab ones, to fight the spread of ISIS in the region while providing military ground support and training to moderate Arab rebels that ultimately want to oust the Assad regime.

Russia’s airforce has already attacked some U.S. backed rebel groups operating in Syria, a fact that Trump has failed to acknowledge during the presidential campaign.

Trump has instead spoken about teaming up with Russian President Vladimir Putin to defeat ISIS and has promised to increase U.S. military spending.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last week that he wants to improve relations with the United States and made a telephone call with president elect Donald Trump.

Russia has established regional alliances with Iran, a rival of U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, and has a vested interest in seeing Syrian President Basha al-Assad to remain in power in Syria.

On November 15th Arizona Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, issued a stern warning in his statement that called out Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al Assad for past aggressions in Syria while pointing out that the Obama’s administration past efforts to reset relations with Russia culminated in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and military intervention in the Middle East.

“Vladimir Putin has rejoined Bashar Assad in his barbaric war against the Syrian people with the resumption of large-scale Russian air and missile strikes in Idlib and Homs. Another brutal assault on the city of Aleppo could soon follow” McCain wrote.

“With the U.S. presidential transition underway, Vladimir Putin has said in recent days that he wants to improve relations with the United States. We should place as much faith in such statements as any other made by a former KGB agent who has plunged his country into tyranny, murdered his political opponents, invaded his neighbors, threatened America’s allies, and attempted to undermine America’s elections” McCain added.

Senator McCain threw cold water on the prospect of the U.S. resetting its relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and warned against the U.S. siding with tyranny.

“At the very least, the price of another ‘reset’ would be complicity in Putin and Assad’s butchery of the Syrian people. That is an unacceptable price for a great nation. When America has been at its greatest, it is when we have stood on the side those fighting tyranny. That is where we must stand again” McCain concluded.

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