Trump Wins White House; Republicans Capture Majority In House, Senate

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump defied poll predictions and denied Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton the ability to make history and become the first woman U.S. president by winning overwhelmingly against her in Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election.

Trump won the U.S. presidency by capturing 276 electoral votes to Clinton’s 218, according to the latest results from the Associated Press.

There were 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

Republicans had a good election night overall and swept Congress by winning the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Republicans captured 236 House seats, surpassing the 218 seat threshold needed to gain the majority. Democrats gained 191 House seats.

In the Senate Republicans won 51 seats to attain the 51 seats needed for a majority. Democrats won 47 seats in the Senate, according to the Associated Press.

Trump won overwhelmingly in white rural areas with a larger non-college educated population, the same demographics that helped Britain to vote in favor of the Brexit from the European Union in June.

Clinton didn’t perform as well with the minority vote as many had expected.

The African American vote underperformed Clinton in states such as North Carolina, a swing state where she campaigned heavily. Clinton also failed to win in Florida, another swing state with a strong Cuban-American community in metro areas. Trump won by a solid margin with white voters in Florida.

Clinton was unable to win in other important swing states such as Pennsylvania, and Michigan where a surge of white rural voters helped Trump to win by a majority.

Here is my latest YouTube video with some additional commentary about Trump’s surprising win and its political impact moving forward:

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