FBI Director Comey Says FBI Won’t Recommend Charges Against Clinton Over Latest E-mails

The Washington Post reports that FBI Director James Comey informed Congressional members on Sunday that after reviewing the latest batch of e-mails discovered on the laptop of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, the FBI stands by its original findings in July to not recommend criminal charges Hillary Clinton.

Comey said that FBI investigators have worked around the clock to review thousands of e-mails on Weiner’s laptop and “we have not changed our conclusions expressed in July.”

On Friday October 28th Director Comey wrote a letter to Congress informing them about the discovery of additional e-mails that appear to be pertinent to Clinton’s e-mail investigation but also admitted that the FBI couldn’t determine whether the material was significant.

Bureau officials later confirmed that the e-mails in question were connected to an FBI investigation of Anthony Weiner who was previously married to Hillary Clinton aide Hema Abedin.

The announcement to Congressional leaders on Sunday will help to remove lingering suspicions about whether Hillary Clinton could face formal charges related to her private server e-mail probe if elected to the White House.

Speaking on CBS’s Face the Nation aired on Sunday, Clinton’s VP pick Timothy Kaine said he has a solid working relationship with FBI Director James Comey from his time in Virginia when he was mayor of Richmond.

Kaine said the decision for Director Comey to release the letter to Congress on October 28th was “puzzling and troubling” and violated FBI protocols.

“The decision to release that letter violated two protocols. A protocol about not releasing controversial information right on the eve of an election and also one about not talking about pending investigations” Kaine said.

Speaking on ABC’s This Week aired on Sunday, Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta called the release of Comey’s letter on October 28th a “mistake” and “unwarranted.”

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