Clinton Still Maintains Small Lead Over Trump, According To New Polls

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues to maintain a slight lead in the polls over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump even though her lead has narrowed in recent weeks.

According to a Real Clear Politics average of major national polls, Clinton has just a 1.7 percent average lead over Trump, according to polls averaged from 10/28 – 11/3.

Clinton leads with 46.7 percent to Trump’s 45 percent.

Clinton also has a small advantage in key swing states, although her lead has clearly narrowed since her post debate bounce that was boosted by accusations of sexual assault by 10 women against Donald Trump alongside his conspiracy theory rants about the media and the “rigged” election.

Clinton leads Trump in the electoral map with just 4 days left before the November 8th presidential election.

The Real Clear Politics electoral map projection shows Clinton is estimated to have 224 electoral college votes to Trump’s 180 although there are still 134 tossup votes hanging in the balance that are in play from important swing states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

According to a new poll released today from ABC/Washington Post Tracking, Clinton has a +3 point lead over Trump (47 percent to 44 percent) in the 4 way race.

Two new polls from Rasmussen reports and IBD/TIPP tracking poll shows Clinton and Trump in a tie in the 4 way race.

On Thursday a Gravis poll conducted in Pennsylvania shows Clinton with a + 1 point lead.

A Fox 2 Detroit/Mitchell poll in Michigan shows Clinton with a + 3 point advantage in the 4 way race.

A University of Denver poll released on Thursday shows Clinton and Trump tied in Colorado while a Magellan Strategies poll shows Clinton with a + 6 point lead in Colorado.

A Gravis poll from Florida on Thursday shows Clinton with a + 3 point lead.

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