Las Vegas To Host Final Third Presidential Debate; Trump Continues To Slide In Polls

On Wednesday evening the 3rd and final presidential debate will take place at the University of Nevada Las Vegas hosted by moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News which comes at a tense political time for the country with both presidential candidates offering vastly different approaches towards handing the economy, immigration, national security, and foreign policy.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has come under heavy criticism over the past week and is slipping in a majority of election polls after 9 women came forward to the media last week with descriptive allegations about how he groped and sexually assaulted them several years ago.

Trump denied all of the sexual assault claims so far.

Trump has offered in defense a kaleidoscope of unusual conspiracy theories that makes Hillary Clinton complicit in organizing a vast network of players including sexual assault accusers, election officials, federal government officials from the F.B.I, State Department, Department of Justice, as well as the media that are colluding to hurt Trump and make Clinton look good ahead of the election.

Although Trump frequently blasts the media and insists on the presidential election being “rigged,” he has little evidence to offer in support of his controversial opinions and has received some pushback from his fellow Republicans.

President Obama spoke to reporters during a press conference on Tuesday with Italian PM Renzi and used the forum to criticize Republican nominee Donald Trump for his “whining” about the election being rigged before the election has even been held.

“I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place.  It’s unprecedented.  It happens to be based on no facts” President Obama said to reporters.

“If you start whining before the game is even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose you start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job” President Obama added later.

Donald Trump plans to bring along to the 3rd debate, President Obama’s own Kenyan born half brother Malik Obama, who said he will vote for Donald Trump.

According to the latest Real Clear Politics average of major national polls as of Tuesday October 18th, Donald Trump trails Hillary Clinton by 6.9 percent (48.9 percent- 42 percent) based on a host of major national polls taken from 10/6 – 10/17.

Trump said on Tuesday from Colorado that he doesn’t believe the polls anymore and claims that the media is “hiding” the good polls about him while emphasizing the bad polls.

According to Trump’s website, he is proposing an economic plan that includes 25 million new jobs created in the next decade through sweeping reforms in tax, trade, energy and regulatory policies.

Trump’s plan lowers the business tax rate to 15 % from the current business rate of 35%.

Tax brackets in the individual income tax will be lowered from 7 to 3 while tax rates will be 12%, 25% or 33% with thresholds on par with the House GOP plan.

Trump’s individual tax rates have moved higher from September 2015 when he released a tax plan with four tax brackets: 10 %, 20% and 25 %.

Trump ambitiously claimed on his website that China will be labeled a currency manipulator,  there will be no Trans-Pacific Partnership, and NAFTA will be renegotiated to get a better deal for American workers.

Based on a published article in March from Brookings, on a “static” analysis, it is estimated that the Trump tax plan would cut tax revenues between $12 trillion, based on analysis by the Tax Foundation.

When applying a more transitional “dynamic” scoring model, the Tax Foundation said that the lower tax rates will generate higher GDP growth and more jobs.

However, the Tax Foundation still concludes that the Trump tax plan will lower tax revenues by $10.18 trillion over the next decade.

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