Trump Says The F.B.I., State Department, DOJ Was Colluding To Help Clinton

The presidential election is less than 30 days away and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is ramping up his conspiracy theories to include a latest one about the system being rigged.

Trump’s most recent conspiracy theory includes a claim about the F.B.I., the State Department, and the Department of Justice colluding to make his opponent Hillary Clinton to look “less guilty” and “better than she looks.”

Trump devoted an entire speech about the topic which he aired on Twitter yesterday.

Trump called his latest uncover “one of the biggest breaking stories of our time” and “very big” and “frankly unbelievable.”

Trump ruled that Clinton is “guilty” of very high crimes without actually stating what crimes she was actually found guilty of.

Trump went on to say in his speech, without offering a scant of evidence, that it shows “corruption at the highest level” and concluded, “the press likes to not cover it.”

“Let’s hope our country gets a fair shake……this is a big mess” Trump concluded.

Trump appears to be referring to a now closed case of an F.B.I. interview from last year by anonymous records management official working for the F.B.I. who recalled a previous conversation with a colleague at the F.B.I’s International Operations Division who claimed to have been contacted by Under Secretary of the State Patrick Kennedy for help altering the classification status of an e-mail to “de-classified” from Hillary Clinton’s private server tied to the 2012 Benghazi attack while she served as Secretary of State.

The F.B.I. and State Department both denied the claim along with the other allegations of a quid pro quo arrangement in which the F.B.I. was provided more field agents to work overseas in exchange for help de-classifying the e-mail.

Republicans and Trump have both recently asked for Under Secretary of the State Kennedy to step- down.

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