Trump Lashes Out Against Saturday Night Live; Doubles Down On Election Being Rigged

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is upset about the way he was recently portrayed in a comedy skit and lashed out on Sunday morning that its time to retire the comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Trump has often been accused of being thin skinned and temperamental on the campaign trail and on Sunday he appeared to confirm those opinions when he criticized the popular comedy show over the way he was portrayed by actor Alec Baldwin during a recent Saturday Night Live comedy skit that featured the 2nd presidential debate where he was seen pacing around the stage and at times hovering over Clinton as she addressed the town hall audience.

Trump often uses Twitter a launching pad against people and politicians he disagrees with.

On Sunday morning, Trump used Twitter to describe the latest SNL skit as a “hit job” and claimed the media is “rigging” the presidential election.

Trump called the SNL comedy show “boring” and “unfunny.”

Trump has faced negative media coverage after 9 women stepped forward last week with sexual assault allegations from his past that he insisted never occurred.

Trump singled out the appearance of one of his female accusers who claimed Trump assaulted her while they were flying next to each other on an airplane.

Trump said, “Believe me, she would not be my first choice.”

During a West Palm Beach campaign event last week, Trump maintained his innocence over the sexual assault allegations and said in his defense, “You take a look at these people, and you study these people, and you’ll understand.”

Trump claimed that he would present “substantial evidence to refute these claims” but that hasn’t yet occurred.

Trump’s only defense so far has been to denigrate the physical appearance of several of his female accusers, deny that he sexually abused them, and recite conspiracy theories about the Clintons and the media “rigging” the election.

Trump used all large caps during another Sunday tweet when he tweeted he lost a large number of female votes based on made up events THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Media rigging election!

The vast majority of polls show Trump is slipping in the polls which comes as he doubles down on wild conspiracy theories and says bizarre things such as asking for Clinton to be drug tested.

Two new polls released on Sunday indicate Clinton is gaining ground on Trump.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday shows Clinton leading Trump by + 4 points (50- 46 percent) while another NBC News/WSJ poll shows Clinton leading by + 11 points (48- 37 percent).

According to the latest average poll snapshot from Real Clear Politics based on major national polls, Clinton has clearly moved ahead of Trump in the polls since the first debate and now has a 5.5 percent lead (47.7 percent to 42.2 percent) based on polls taken from 10/6 – 10/15.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Trump VP Pick Mike Pence, all appeared on Sunday morning talk shows yesterday and repeated the message from Trump’s campaign that the presidential election is “rigged” and not enough media attention was devoted to a WikiLeaks report involving alleged transcripts of 3 of Clinton’s paid speeches by Goldman Sachs obtained from a hacked e-mail account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

U.S. intelligence agencies have recently indicated that there’s more evidence linking the hackers who breached the Democratic National Committee with Russia.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin on the campaign trail and even publically asked Russia to hack into Clinton’s e-mail account to find thousands of missing e-mails.

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