Latest Polls Show Trump Is Losing Support At Critical Time; Falls Behind Clinton Since First Debate

A host of new election polls taken in recent days show Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is losing critical support at a critical time with the U.S. general election less than 30 days away.

According to the Real Clear Politics average of major election polls taken from 9/29- 10/10, Hillary Clinton has a + 6.5 percent point lead over Donald Trump in head to head competition, up from + 2.8 percent taken in late September around the first debate.

An NBC News/WSJ poll taken from 10/8- 10/9 shows Clinton leading by +14 points.

An Economist/YouGov poll taken from 10/7- 10/8 shows Clinton is ahead by +5 points.

An LA Times/USC Tracker poll taken from 10/4- 10/10 shows Trump is up by +2 points.

A poll from The Atlantic/PRRI taken from 10/5- 10/9 shows Clinton is ahead by +11 points.

An NBC News/SM poll taken from 10/3- 10/9 shows Clinton is ahead by +7 points.

A Quinnipiac poll taken from 10/5 – 10/ 6 shows Clinton is ahead by + 6 points.

A Fox News poll taken from 10/3 – 10/6 shows Clinton is ahead by +4 points.

A Reuters poll taken from 9/29 – 10/3 shows Clinton is ahead by +7 points.

Trump can’t afford to lose political momentum and key Republican endorsements from high ranking Republicans this close to the presidential election.

Early voting is already occurring in several U.S. states.

Trump has faced widespread criticism following the release of  Washington Post tape last Friday that captured him making lewd comments about women in 2005 to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, including his failed efforts to seduce a married Nancy O’Dell and take her out furniture shopping.

According to polls, a wide majority of Americans believe Trump should release his tax returns, a move which Trump still refuses to do.

Trump’s recent slide in polls following the first debate on September 26th along with a string of negative media headlines over his decision to smear a former Miss Universe winner on twitter and associate her with a sex video that doesn’t exist while calling her a weight gain a “real problem” just one day after the 1st debate, has served to erode Trump’s support from women.

Trump is facing a financial disadvantage compared to Clinton and with many Republican House and Senate seats up for grabs, Republican leadership is questioning whether to keep directing Republican Party dollars to the bombastic and controversial leader this close to the election.

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