Upcoming First Presidential Debate To Showcase Policy Positions

On Monday presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will participate in the first presidential election debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

According to a Real Clear Politics average of several major national polls from September 8-21st, Clinton has a + 2.3 point advantage over Trump.

Low Favorability Ratings With Presidential Candidates

Based on a Gallup poll from September 15-21st among national adults, both presidential candidates receive low favorability ratings.

Clinton has a 39 percent favorability level which is only slightly better than Trump’s 33 percent.

Among Democrats/Democratic leaning independents Clinton has a 72 percent favorability level compared to Trump’s 70 percent favorability level with Republicans-Republican leaning independents, according to Gallup.

When asked by Gallup about what single issue or challenge that you want addressed when the next president takes the Oval office in January, a majority of Americans answered the U.S. economy followed by 2) immigration, 3)healthcare/healthcare costs/healthcare reform, and 4) Defense/National Defense/Homeland Security.

Donald Trump has campaigned on a platform of lowering taxes and regulations as he supports an anti-trade policies that includes eliminating trade agreements such as NAFTA, slapping tariffs on China, and bringing home outsourced American jobs.

Trump has voiced disapproval for U.S. corporations such as General Motors and Apple that have made investments in other countries where labor costs are lower.

Trump has even called for a boycott on Cupertino, California based Apple and criticized General Motors for its investment in Mexico.

Trump’s criticism of national companies which outsources American jobs overseas is considered by many to be hypocritical since he profited from cheap foreign labor costs with a number of businesses he has owned over the years.

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