New Study Shows Political Divide On Climate Change Ahead Of Presidential Election

Over the week-end President Barack Obama used executive action and ratified the climate change Paris Agreement along with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit in China but as the United States prepares to elect new leadership in November, a growing polarization over environmental protection and climate change has taken root in America and a new study by a group of sociologists from Oklahoma State University found in their research that the Republicans have moved significantly to the right over the issue while Democrats have moved further left.

Although a March Gallup poll shows that U.S. concern about global warming is at an 8 year high and an intergovernmental panel on climate change concluded “scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump remains solidly in the far right camp and still calls global warming a “hoax” while blaming China for the concept of “global warming” which is a false assertion.

Trump has vowed to support the fossil fuel industry if elected president, including big oil and the coal industry.

Republican VP candidate Mike Pence, a born again evangelical Christian, supports Trump’s global warming denials and even denied evolution in the past.

Pence has voiced skepticism of modern science, including a large volume of scientific research showing a strong correlation with smoking and deadly lung cancer.

Yesterday Senator Bernie Sanders hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton and insisted that climate change is real, a view that Clinton supports.

Sanders criticized Fox News for its conservative bias against global warming.

“You know that the debate is over within the scientific community” Sanders said in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

“Except on Fox television there is no more debate” Sanders added.

The case for global warming is growing more compelling.

NASA has published an article showing that atmospheric CO2 levels have increased significantly since the Industrial Revolution.

“There is no question that increased levels of greenhouse gases must cause the Earth to warm in response” NASA wrote.

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