Trump Flip-Flopped Over His Immigration Policy Last Week; Preview Of Presidential Election Debate Schedule

The U.S. presidential general election is only 72 days away and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sent out mixed messages last past week over his immigration policies as he trails Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in polls with the minority vote.

Trump said at a town hall meeting on Fox’s Hannity Show on Tuesday that he is open to softening laws dealing with illegal immigrants “because we are not looking to hurt people” but later backed away from his controversial immigration policy consisting of deporting 11 million illegal immigrants.

By Thursday, Donald Trump changed had his tone and repeated his hardline deportation approach.

Trump told CNN host Anderson Cooper on Thursday, “there’s no path to legalization unless people leave the country.”

“When they come back in, then they can start paying taxes, but there is no path to legalization unless they leave the country and then come back” Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

During the Republican primary election season, Donald Trump took the furthest far right position over immigration  that saw the reality star turned Republican presidential candidate offer controversial immigration positions that included banning Muslims from the U.S., deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, ending constitutionally supported birthright citizenship, and building a 2,000 mile border wall paid for by Mexico.

When Trump faced questions on the campaign trail about how he plans to make Mexico pay for a 2,000 border wall, he has been largely evasive and offered vague references about revising U.S. trade agreements with Mexico such as NAFTA which is legally contingent on Congressional action in Congress and can’t be revoked through presidential executive action.

Last week, Trump called Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a “bigot” and criticized her national policies which he claimed harms minorities.

Clinton fired back at Trump and claimed that he’s running a campaign of fear and prejudice while reinforcing harmful stereotypes.

Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee chair was questioned on NBC’s Meet the Press about whether he supports Trump’s controversial policy of ending birthright citizenship.

Priebus distanced himself from Trump’s far right position and denied that he supports Trump’s policy view over birthright citizenship.

“No, I believe in the interpretation of the Supreme Court on the issue” Priebus admitted.

Trump Goes Political After Dwyane Wade’s Cousin Was Murdered And Claims Af rican-Americans Will Vote For Him

Following Friday’s Chicago murder of Nykea Aldridge, the cousin of Chicago Bulls basketball star Dwyane Wade, Donald Trump tweeted some of the tragic facts surrounding Nykea’s murder and then boldly claimed “African Americans will VOTE TRUMP!

It took Donald Trump just under four hours to tweet his condolences to the Aldridge and Wade family which only came after Trump began receiving criticism in the media.

Donna Brazile, interim chair of the Democratic National Committee pointed out of ABC’s This Week that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has engaged better than Donald Trump with the African American community.

“First of all, Donald Trump has not held an event in the black community. He has not gone to a black church, as Hillary Clinton has done” Brazile said on ABC’s This Week.

“He’s not gone to historical black colleges—Hillary Clinton. He’s not met with the mothers of children who have been slain and killed from violence in the country as Hillary Clinton has done” Brazile added.

U.S. Presidential Debate Schedule

There are 4 scheduled presidential election debates coming up before the U.S. general election on November 8th.

Here are the dates of the scheduled debates:

Monday September 26th  Hofstra University  New York

October 4th  Longwood University  Virginia

October 9th Washington University St. Louis, Missouri (Town- hall format)

October 19th  University of Nevada Las Vegas     Las Vegas, NV.

*  I have uploaded a new You Tube video (unedited and off the cuff) where I provide some additional commentary about Trump’s immigration policies and the upcoming debates in September and October.

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