After Difficult Week, Trump Plans To Give ‘Major’ Foreign Policy Speech On Monday

Donald Trump had a difficult week over recent comments he made over the Second Amendment, Hilary Clinton, and accusations about who founded ISIS.

According to Real Clear Politics, which measure a broad range of polls from August 1-August 12, Clinton has a +6.8 percent average spread lead over Trump.

Several high ranking Republicans, including Maine Senator Susan Collins have voiced reluctance to endorse Donald Trump’s bid for presidency following the Republican Convention in July.

Last week, Collins wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that she wouldn’t be voting for Trump which comes after Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich both failed to endorse Trump at the Republican Convention and several respected military commanders said they wouldn’t be supporting Trump during the election.

On Sunday Maine Senator Susan Collins spoke her reluctance to support Trump over his past record of making “cruel” and inappropriate comments.

“It was a difficult decision for me, because I am a lifelong Republican and I wanted to and expected to be able to support our party’s nominee” Collins said on CBS’s Face the Nation. But the barrage of cruel comments and the attacks on people who are vulnerable and unable to fight back really troubled me” she added.

A wide range of poll results have consistently shown that Trump’s temperament remains a major liability in his presidential campaign.

Collins cited her concerns about Trump’s temperament when explaining the reason she isn’t fully on board with Trump’s campaign.

“When you look at the challenges that we’re facing at home and abroad, we need a president who has the judgment, the temperament, the knowledge, and the self-control to lead our country and to be the symbol of our country” Collins said.

“I know that it is appealing to people that Donald Trump has jettisoned the politically correct, stilted campaign speeches that frustrate voters. But the problem is that there’s a big difference between that and treating people with respect and common decency. And there’s where, in my judgment, Donald Trump has failed” Collins explained.

Collins admitted that she is looking at the Libertarian ticket of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and former Massachussets Governor Bill Weld but “will end up writing in the name of the person that I think is best qualified to be our next president.”

Thus far Trump has failed to take responsibility for his loose and incendiary language.

Instead he has blamed the media on twitter for his recent decline in the polls.

Last week Trump tweeted that he was using “sarcasm” when he accused President Obama and Hilary Clinton of being the “founder” of ISIS.

Trump remains adversarial towards some journalists and media organizations. His campaign still maintains some media bans which raises concerns about freedom of the press.

Trump said he wants to “open up” libel laws so that he can sue news organizations he believes are unfair in their coverage.

On Monday Donald Trump will give a “major” foreign policy speech at Youngstown State University on Monday.

Republican VP pick Mike Pence told Fox News Sunday that Trump will ” lay out his vision and his strategy for defeating radical Islamic terrorism.”

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