Clinton Becomes Nominated Democratic Presidential Nominee; Husband Bill Clinton Gives Speech About Hilary

During last night’s Democratic Convention, Hilary Clinton made history after becoming the first female Democratic presidential nominee and female nominee of any major U.S. political party despite facing a tougher than expected primary race against Bernie Sanders who nominated Hilary Clinton on Tuesday evening.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who has a strong voice in the Democratic Party, gave a heart felt speech explaining the reasons his wife and “best friend” should lead the country.

Clinton recounted a story from Hilary’s law school days that involved her going to South Carolina to see why so many African American teenagers were being jailed for years with adults in men’s prisons and then later filed a report on the topic which led to some policy changes.

Clinton said that when Hilary lost a hard fought primary election contest to President Obama, she still worked hard for his election.

He pointed out that as secretary of state, Hilary worked hard to get strong sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program and “backed President Obama’s decision to go after Osama bin Laden.”

Clinton explained that Hilary launched a team to fight back against terrorists online and put climate change at the center of our foreign policy by negotiating the first ever agreement with China and India that commits to reducing their emissions.

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright gave a blunt speech at the convention on Tuesday in which she claimed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump already has damaged the national security of the U.S.

“He has undermined our fight against ISIS by alienating our Muslim partners. He has weakened our standing in the world by threatening to walk away from our friends and allies- and by encouraging more countries to get nuclear weapons” Albright said.

Albright also said that Trump has a “strange admiration” for dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-Un, and Vladimir Putin.

“Trump’s dark version of America, one that’s isolated in the world, alienated from our allies, would be a disaster. We must make sure that never happens. We must elect Hilary Clinton as our next president” Albright said.

Elizabeth Banks’ Parody Of Donald Trump

During the convention last night, actress and director Elizabeth Banks got on center stage and performed an entertaining parody  of Trump’s grand Republican Convention entrance with “We are the Champions” playing in the background.

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