Cruz’s Reluctance To Endorse Trump At Convention Highlights Tension In Republican Party

Cleveland, Ohio

Senator Ted Cruz gave a speech at the Republican Convention on Wednesday night that fell short of endorsing Donald Trump for U.S. President and he was eventually booed off the stage by the pro-Trump crowd.

Cruz spoke about conservative values during his speeech and told the Republican crowd that they shouldn’t stay home in November and to “vote your conscious.”

“Vote for candiates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution” Cruz said.

The Republicans in the crowd began chanting to Ted Cruz, “Endorse Trump!”

Cruz refused to endorse Trump and was booed off the stage.

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie called Cruz’s decision to not endorse Donald Trump “selfish” when interviewed on CNN.

It wasn’t a major surprise to see Ted Cruz, a strong right leaning conservative, offer his reluctance to endorse populist Republican nomineee Donald Trump who has also been a thorn in Cruz’s side throughout the entire Republican primary season.

Early in the Republican primary race, Trump called Cruz “Lyin Ted” and personally attacked Cruz’s own family members.

Trump tweeted a negative tweet about the physical appearance of Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, and cited a false National Enquirer story that assoociated Cruz’s father with the assasination of John Kennedy.

Early in the Republican primary season, Trump challenged whether Cruz could even qualify to run for President since he lived in Canada for some time.

Ted Cruz is not the only Republican political leader to not endorse Donald Trump.

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was notably absent during the Republican convention and aired a video speech during the primary race that was highly critical of Trump and his views.

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich decided that he won’t be participating in the Republican and other prominent Republicans such as Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), who Trump insulted earlier in the primary season after claiming that he was no real U.S. hero after serving in the Vietnam War as a P.O.W.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham decided against attending the Republican Convention in Ohio and has aired past criticism of Trump in the media.

Despite the recent signs of tension at the Republican Convention, Trump’s new Vice President pick, Mike Pence, gave an acceptance speech on Wednesday night in which he suggested the Republican party was truly united behind Trump.

“Until now, he’s had to do it all by himself against all odds but this week with this united party, he’s got backup” Pence said.

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