All Eyes On Donald Trump During Republican Convention

The Republican Convention began this week in Cleveland, Ohio where Donald Trump officially secured enough delegates to become the Republican presidential nominee during the beginning of the 4 day political event which saw fewer numbers of corporate sponsors in attendance and uncharacteristic calls from the Republican party platform to break up America’s biggest banks and reintroduce the Glass-Steagall Act, restricting affiliations between banks and securities firms.

The Repubublican Party’s new antgonistic platform towards Wall Street appears to have been plagiarized like pieces of Melania Trump’s convention speech and ghost written by Democratic Socialist and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders whose anti-establishment and anti-Wall Street views resonated with some Democrats and independents during the primary election season.

Trump walked onto center stage with Queen’s “We Are The Champions” blaring in the background, a song he wasn’t authorized to use at the convention. 

The rock group Queen is quite upset that Trump has used “We Are The Champions” yet again during a political event.

Ohio Governor John Kasich Is A No Show

Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican, and former Republican presidential candidate won’t be giving a speech inside the Republican covention.

Ohio is an important swing state during the general election.

Kasich’s reluctance to throw his support behind Donald Trump is noteworthy and sends a message to Ohio Republicans even though Donald Trump boldly predicted that he would still win in Ohio during the general election.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz , who was mocked and called “lyin Ted” by Trump during the primary election season, will be giving a speech at the Republican Convention.

Dr. Ben Carson already gave a bizarre convention speech on Tuesday evening when he strangely claimed that Hilary Clinton admires Lucifer.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie turned the Cleveland Quicken Loans Arena into a courtroom on Tuesday when he asked for a quick verdict from the fired up Republican crowd about previous criminal charges related to Clinton “lying” to the American people about her “selfish, awful judgment in making our secrets vulnerable.”

The Republican crowd shouted back, “Guilty” and chanted, “Lock her up!”

Republican VP pick Mike Pence, who thinks climate change is a hoax, refuses to address the gap in gender pay, and signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, permitting discrimination against LGBT residents in Indiana, will give an acceptance speech at the Republican convention on Wednesday night.

As governor of Indiana, Pence lowered corporate taxes, reduced funding for Planned Parenthood, and cut funding for higher education and pre-k.

On Thursday evening Trump is scheduled to accept the Republican nomination.

Trump appeared on video and asked the crowd on Tuesday if they are having fun.

Trump said that he’s proud to be the Republican presidential nominee.

Trump explained that he’s going to win in November and said he will bring back jobs to America, rebuild the depleted military, have strong borders, defeat ISIS, and “make America great again.”

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