51 U.S. State Department Officials Sign Confidential Document Urging Regime Change In Syria

As waves of Syrian immigrants flee into Europe’s borders escaping violence in Syria, 51 U.S. State Department officials this week protested against U.S. foreign policy in Syria and called for targeted military strikes against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government in a break from U.S. policy.

The Wall Street Journal reviewed a copy of the “dissent channel cable” signed by 51 State Department officers advising on Syrian policy at various levels.

The cable claims Syrian President Assad and Russia haven’t taken past cease fires and “consequential negotiations” seriously and advocates for a more muscular military stance that supports the adoption of a transitional government in Damascus.

Obama administration officials have expressed concern that engaging in open conflict with the Assad regime could lead to a direct military confrontation with Russia, which operates military bases in Syria, and Syria’s nearby ally Iran.

The State Department has acknowledged the existence of the cable but offered no official response.

In late April President Obama announced that the U.S. is sending an additional 250 U.S.  Special Forces to Syria to work with local ground forces in the war torn country that has seen chemical weapons deployed against its citizens along with the rise of militant group Islamic State across vast sections of the country.

The deployment of 250 U.S. Special Forces in Syria is intended to support local militia confronting Islamic State militants in Syria.

Written By: Johnathan Schweitzer




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