Bernie Sanders To Meet President Obama And Harry Reid In Washington; Final Super Tuesday Democratic Primary Results

Bernie Sanders will meet with President Obama and Democratic Senate Minority leader Harry Reid in Washington D.C. on Thursday  just two days after the Vermont Senator was dealt a disappointing Super Tuesday loss that weakens his last chance case to convince Super delegates loyal to Hilary Clinton that they should switch to his side.

Super Tuesday final results showed that Bernie Sanders lost in 4 out of the 6 primary states and was defeated by a wider than expected margin in delegate rich California where Clinton captured 55.8 percent of the primary votes and won 269 of the 475 pledged delegates.

The majority of polls in California taken before Super Tuesday revealed that Sanders was closing the gap on Clinton who only held a +2 advantage leading up to the California Democratic primary.

According to the Associated press, Hilary Clinton now has 2,777 total delegates with 574 Super delegates included in that total which is 394 delegates above the 2,383 threshold needed for the nomination.

Clinton obtained 2,383 total delegates on Monday evening after winning primaries in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands over the week-end.

Currently, Sanders trails by 901 delegates and has 1,876 total delegates which includes his 48 Super delegates.

Even without the Super delegates in the picture, Sanders has 375 fewer pledged delegates compared to Clinton.

Sanders has 1,828 pledged delegates to Clinton’s 2,203.

The final Democratic primary contest occurs on Tuesday June 14th in the District of Columbia with only 20 delegates available.

During a Super Tuesday speech in New York, Clinton congratulated Sanders and said it was a “hard fought, deeply felt campaign.”

Sanders said that he plans to continue campaigning until the final Democratic primary next Tuesday in the District of Columbia, although he told reporters in California over the week-end that he plans to go after Clinton’s Super delegates and said earlier he wants to contest the Democratic Convention.

Technically speaking, the Super delegates are free to switch their allegiance until their final vote during the Democratic Convention next month.

But after losing worse than expected on Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders will have an uphill battle convincing Clinton’s 574 Super delegates that his campaign has more momentum.

Following through with exit strategy before the convention in July could result in him earning more influence and respect from leaders in the Democratic Party.

Last month, the Democratic National Committee gave Bernie Sanders more influence at the Democratic Convention in July after he demanded more control in drafting the party’s platform.

Sanders was allowed to pick 5 of the 15 members of the national convention drafting committee.

If Sanders refuses to concede defeat to Hilary Clinton after the June 14th primary in the District of Columbia and decides to contest the Democratic Convention, he will likely anger Democratic party leaders who want Clinton to begin uniting the party ahead of the convention.

Next week Donald Trump will give a major speech that is expected to contain criticisms of the Clinton

Latest polls show that Hilary Clinton has a large advantage over Trump with women and minorities but she lags far behind the Republican presumptive candidate with white men, a demographic Clinton will need to work hard to win in the general presidential election.

-written by: Johnathan Schweitzer



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