Clinton Gets Week-end Primary Boost In Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands; Preview Of Super Tuesday

Hilary Clinton pulled off 2 Democratic primary wins over the week-end in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, moving her to within 28 delegates of having enough total delegates to capture the Democratic presidential nomination ahead of Super Tuesday’s 6 primary contests.

On Tuesday Democrats in California, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota will be deciding which Democratic candidate to support in their nominating contests.

Clinton won all 7 seven delegates in the U.S. Virgin Islands on Saturday and was successful in gaining a majority of the 60 delegates in Puerto Rico on Sunday.

The final delegate count hasn’t officially been updated but after Clinton’s 2 primary wins over the week-end, she is now only 28 delegates shy of reaching the 2,383 threshold needed capture the Democratic nomination when Super Delegates are included.

Currently, Clinton has 2,355 total delegates to Sanders 1,563 when Super Delegates are included.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t want Clinton’s 547 Super Delegates to be counted until the Democratic Convention at the end of July.

Technically speaking, the unbound batch of Super Delegates consisting of mostly establishment Democrats are free to switch sides until the Democratic Convention in July.

So far, the vast majority of them are siding with Hilary Clinton.

Clinton has 547 Super Delegates to Sanders’ 6.

Over the week-end in California, Sanders told reporters at a press conference that he plans to go after Clinton’s Super Delegates.

According to a CBS/YouGov poll released on Sunday, Clinton has a +2 lead over Sanders in California and a +27 advantage in New Jersey.

If Clinton wins big on Super Tuesday, Democratic leaders in the party will likely be turning to Sanders and ask him to help Clinton to unify the party despite his negative comments about her over the week-end on CNN’s State of the Union in which he criticized her for being associated with the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of gifts from foreign governments when she served as Secretary of State and also singled her out on foreign policy decisions in Iraq and Syria.

Sanders will need huge wins in California (+475 delegates) and New Jersey (+126 delegates) to have any legitimate hope of convincing the Super Delegates who are currently siding with Clinton that they should support him as the preferred candidate.

On June 14th the District of Columbia will hold their primary which is the last one before the Democratic Convention in July. There will be 20 delegates available during this last Democratic primary.

Clinton will need to reach out to Sander’s left-leaning base and try to unify the Democratic Party as she faces attacks from Trump and braces for what is likely to be a race for the U.S. presidency in the general election.

Last Thursday Clinton gave a National Security-Foreign Policy speech from San Diego and criticized Donald Trump’s temperament after calling the bombastic Republican presidential nominee “dangerously incoherent.”

Clinton followed up on Sunday with more criticism about Trump’s temperament.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week aired on Sunday, Clinton said that Trump’s temperament has “rattled our closest allies” and “caused a lot of serious concern around the world.”

“His unpredictability, his putting everything in highly personal terms has rattled our closest allies, has caused a lot of serious concern around the world, because people are not used to seeing anyone, a Republican or a Democrat, running for President, who is so loose with the truth, so divisive and so dismissive of very legitimate concerns about safety, security, our values and who we are as a nation.”

Here is an updated You Tube Video of me discussing the remaining Democratic primaries and explaining some of the reasons I believe Bernie Sanders is trailing Hilary Clinton.

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