Clinton and Sanders Campaign In California; New Poll Shows Slight Clinton Lead But Suggests Tight Contest

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton are both campaigning heavily in California before the state’s June 7th Democratic primary contest which will help to decide which candidate looks poised to secure the Democratic presidential nomination and gain momentum before the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia from July 25-28th.

Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton has her eyes set on the general election and is already focusing her attack on Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump who received enough Republican delegates to capture the Republican nomination.

Clinton has recently criticized Trump over his past association with Trump University which she described on twitter as a “massive scam” used to exploit vulnerable Americans for his own gain.

Clinton will be making a major national security speech from San Diego later today that is expected to carry some criticism of Trump’s security and foreign policy views.

Hollywood Reporter Michael Wolff wrote a good article yesterday that revealed Trump’s unfamiliarity with the word BREXIT, a widely circulated term across Europe and the U.S. that refers to Great Britain’s upcoming June referendum vote to separate from the European Union, a move that Donald Trump said he supports.

Upcoming Democratic Primary Races

When total delegates are counted which includes Super delegates, Clinton has already gained 2,312 total delegates which is only 71 delegates away from reaching the 2,383 threshold to capture the Democratic nomination.

Sanders has 1,545.

In terms of pledged delegates which strips away the Super delegates, Clinton leads by 268 pledged delegates over Sanders.  Clinton has 1,769 pledged delegates to Sanders 1,501.

On Saturday the U.S. Virgin Islands will hold a caucus with 12 delegates available.

On Sunday Puerto Rico will conduct a primary with 67 delegates weighing in.

On Tuesday June 7th six U.S. states will carry out state primaries with a combined 694 pledged delegates up for grabs.

California leads the pack with 475 pledged delegates followed by New Jersey with 126 delegates.

Montana has 21 delegates, North Dakota has 18, New Mexico has 34, and South Dakota has 20.

Later on June 14th the District of Columbia will hold their state primary race which has 20 pledged delegates available.

According to a recent 5/29-5/30 NBC/WSJ/MARIST poll, Clinton has a +2 lead over Sanders in California.

Clinton is expected to easily obtain the 71 delegates to reach the 2,383 threshold to clinch the nomination. She may clinch after New Jersey’s primary Tuesday evening before California’s voting stations are closed.

Sanders is hoping to win big in California and hope that some of the 543 Super Delegates who are currently siding with Hilary Clinton will switch sides and join the 44 Super Delegates he gained.

Technically speaking, Super Delegates are permitted to switch sides until the Democratic Convention at the end of next month.

Clinton could lose every remaining primary contest but still clinch the nomination based on how close she is at this point from reaching the 2,383 delegate threshold to clinch the nomination.

Clinton hopes to secure a win in California even if its a small win and build more momentum at the end of this primary season that will serve to boost the perception that she is a strong candidate and capable of unifying support across the party as she prepares to go head to head against Donald Trump.

Written By: Johnathan Schweitzer





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