Trump’s Campaign Manager Claims Trump is “Doing Very Well” With Women And “Winning” Hispanics Despite Latest Poll Results Showing The Opposite

Donald Trump made the headlines again last Tuesday for criticizing Governor Susana Martinez, a popular New Mexico Republican female governor, the first Latina U.S. governor, accusing her of not doing the job and for allowing a large number of Syrian refugees to resettle in her state.

Early last week Trump gained enough delegates to become the Republican presidential nominee but he told a group of supporters in Albuquerque that maybe he would run for governor in New Mexico.

“She’s not doing the job. We got to get her moving. Come on lets go governor!” Trump shouted out about New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.

Despite what Trump says about his strong love for Hispanics and women, the bombastic reality star turned presidential candidate still needs to increase his base support with these two demographic groups and unify the Republican party which has grown accustom to his pattern of hurling insults to get attention and feeding off anger to score political points.

Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was asked yesterday on Fox News Sunday by host Chris Wallace why would Trump call out the popular governor of a swing state like New Mexico who is also the head of the Republicans Governor Association.

Lewandowski responded by stating there’s no attack on a Latino or a woman governor and claimed that Trump is “winning with Hispanics” and is “doing very well with women” while mentioning some unknown poll result he didn’t cite.

Lewandowski further explained, “outlining the economy of a specific location is something that he has done across the country everywhere we’ve gone because we need to highlight the problems that we have and what we’re going to do to fix those problems.”

Trump may genuinely enjoy criticizing and highlighting the problems of each region he’s visiting on the presidential campaign trail like he did at a rally on Tuesday in New Mexico, but according to a new May 26th Rasmussen poll, Clinton posts a 16-point advantage among women.

Trump leads among whites but he trails among other minority voters which includes Hispanics, in sharp contrast to what Lewandowski reported yesterday on Fox News Sunday.

The same Rasmussen poll shows that Trump leads Clinton by 12 points among men. 

Clinton Leads Sanders Slightly In California

According to latest poll results from PPIC, posted by Real Clear Politics, as of  May 26th Clinton has a +2 lead over Sanders in California ahead of their primary race on June 7th.

However, Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump in a general election by a larger margin in California (+17) compared to Clinton (+10), according to the PPIC poll.

Written by: John Schweitzer






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