Polls: Sanders Trails In Pivotal Democratic Primary States But Comes Out Ahead Of Trump In General Election

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made the rounds on Sunday morning talk shows and tried to pitch the case that he is the preferred Democratic candidate despite trailing frontrunner Hilary Clinton in the all important delegate count with less than a month left before the final Democratic primary race wraps up in the District of Columbia.

Currently, Sanders trails Clinton by 760 total delegates which includes 525 Super delegates already siding with Clinton although these important delegates could technically still switch sides before the Democratic Convention in July.

When total delegates are tallied with Super delegates, Clinton is only 90 delegates away from capturing the 2,293 delegate threshold needed to secure the Democratic nomination next month which is likely to occur.

Excluding Super delegates and measuring only pledged delegates, Clinton’s lead narrows to 274 delegates.

Lagging behind in delegates and campaign funds, Sanders admitted during CBS’s Face the Nation aired on Sunday that he faces an uphill battle to overtake Clinton but pointed to some poll results that underscores his better polling results against Donald Trump in a general presidential election.

“Well, I think Hilary Clinton has not looked at a lot of the national polls out there, which have me doing a lot better than she is against Donald Trump, and that’s true in almost all of the state polls as well” Sanders said on Face the Nation.

An NBC/WSJ poll on May 19th shows Sanders with a 10.8 percent advantage over Trump in the general election while another May 17th CBS/New York Times poll shows Sanders ahead of Trump by 15 points.

Although poll results can provide a snapshot about voter sentiment in specific regions, poll results often vary and are never used as a basis to select a Democratic nominee during the Democratic Convention.

Clinton Leads Sanders In Pivotal Democratic Primary States

According to a KABC/Survey USA taken from April 27th-30th, Clinton has a 19 point lead over Sanders in California.

The state with the next highest delegate count, New Jersey, will also hold a Democratic primary on June 7th when California voters will head to the polls.

A recent Monmouth poll taken on May 4th shows Clinton with a 28 point lead in New Jersey while another more recent poll, Quinnipiac poll, released on May 16th shows Clinton with a 14 point lead.

Sanders confirmed that he’ll continue to “fight until the last ballot is cast” and plans to go to the Democratic Convention. He claims that he has a real chance to win a lot more in the next couple of weeks.

Sanders has been campaigning heavily in delegate rich California and his supporters conducted registration drives over the week-end in the Bay Area to lure new voters with hopes that the newly registered voters will vote for the populist Democratic candidate from Vermont during the upcoming June 7th Democratic California primary race which has 475 delegates up for grabs, the largest of any U.S. state.

Sanders said on Face the Nation that he’s proud of what he has done bringing millions of people into the political process who were not formerly in it.

“Right now in California, what I’m reading is that there’s a tremendous surge in people registering to vote” Sanders said.

As Trump Builds Unity In Republican Party, His Poll Results Are Improving Against Clinton

A recent ABC/Washington Post poll released on May 19th shows Donald Trump has a 2 point lead over Clinton and another May 18th Rasmussen poll showed Trump with a 5 point advantage.

However, a NBC/WSJ poll from May 19th shows Clinton maintaining a 3 point lead over Trump in a general election scenario.

Trump has become more competitive because his Republican challengers have dropped out of the race and he has more time to rally his base against Clinton who is still trying to fend off a last minute challenge from an unyielding Bernie Sanders and garner more trust from his enthusiastic base.

Sanders has also not come under attack from Donald Trump unlike Clinton.

Clinton Seen As More Qualified But Lack Of Past Political Experience Weighs Less Heavily For Trump

New poll results from May 22nd show that 58 percent call Trump unqualified to become president and 64 percent say he should release his tax returns, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released on May 22nd.

The same poll shows that 63 percent of Americans see Clinton as qualified on several important attributes such as experience, personality, temperament, and having realistic policy proposals.

Clinton leads Trump on several issues, including handling international relations, looking out for the middle class, and dealing with concerns of prime interest to women.

However, Trump’s lack of political inexperience is having less impact today than it did in March when 62-34 percent of Americans said they wanted someone with political experience compared to 52-43 percent today.

Among registered voters, today it’s an even closer margin 48-47 percent.

Trump has a 24 point lead over Clinton among white registered voters, higher than 9 points in March while Clinton is supported by 7 in 10 racial and ethnic minorities, the most important Democratic support group.

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