After Winning Democratic West Virginia Primary, Sanders Keeps On Attacking Hilary

Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton faced sharp criticism from Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, just one day after she lost the West Virginia Primary and with only 9 primaries left before the Democratic Convention in July.

Trailing deeply in the delegate count against Clinton and needing a miraculous resurgence to have an outside shot, Bernie Sanders is campaigning heavily this week in California which has the largest Democratic delegate pool of any U.S. state at 475 delegates.

On June 7th California and 5 other U.S. states will hold Democratic primaries with a combined 694 delegates at stake.

Sanders told his supporters on Wednesday that nominating Clinton would be courting “disaster” for the Democratic Party if it nominates her as its presidential nominee.

Clinton is facing heat on both sides- from Sanders on the left and Donald Trump on the right.

Strategists in Clinton’s campaign understand that Sanders’ attacks undermine her credibility and cast doubt about her leadership qualities before the American public.

Meanwhile, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has given Hilary a new nickname: “Crooked Hilary.”

Rather than reaching out to establishment politicians in his party and unifying a divided party through statesman like behavior, bombastic Donald Trump became unhinged yet again last week and blasted Hilary Clinton’s marriage to Bill Clinton while casting a dark shadow over his past sexual transgressions in the White House.

Issuing Hilary a new nasty sounding nickname and kicking up dirt over Bill’s past sexual transgressions doesn’t do much to build solidarity and show off his presidential skills as he’s vowed to do after recently becoming the presumptive Republican nominee.

Establishment Republicans want assurance that Trump has good instincts, sound judgment, and the intellectual rigor to handle tough questions from journalists rather than relying on his usual phone interviews behind the scenes at Trump Tower where he can launch sharp insults, offer canned responses, and send out toxic tweets behind the scenes.

Trump even refused to debate during the last series of Republican primary debates and showed thin skin after boycotting a Fox News Debate following a spat with Fox Host Megyn Kelly.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to resist a growing list of requests for his tax returns, even among fellow Republicans such as Mitt Romney.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan still refuses to endorse Trump for nomination.

Sanders’ Political Revolution Plans Sounds Interesting But It Will Also Significantly Add To The U.S. Deficit, According To New Analysis

As Sanders seeks to build up his campaign in California selling his “political revolution” that includes an ambitious grand plan to greatly expanding the role of government through a host of new government funded benefits and tax increases, a new analysis of Sander’s Tax and Transfer Proposals from the Tax Policy Center shows that his combined tax and transfer plan would increase federal budget deficits by more than $18 trillion over the next decade.

Another fact checking Analysis of Sander’s single payer health care system from the Committee For A Responsible Budget reveals that Sander’s plans could drive the U.S. debt to 100 to 150 of GDP in 2026 and leave a $2.6 to 2.8 trillion shortfall over 10 years.


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