Trump Attacks Hilary Over Reaction To Bill’s Past Sexual Scandals; Falsely Claims She Wants To Abolish 2nd Amendement

Donald Trump campaigned in the Pacific Northwest during the past couple of days and used his stage to launch fresh attacks at Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton, citing her husband’s past sexual scandals at the White House, and expressing a false view that she wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment concerning the right to bear arms.

After becoming the presumptive Republican nominee last week following the exit of Ted Cruz and John Kasich from the Republican race, Trump is now squarely focusing his attacks on Clinton who has not quite secured the Democratic nomination but still leads Sanders by 290 pledged delegates and only needs 155 more delegates to reach 2,383 threshold to secure the nomination when Super delegates are included.

On Friday evening in Eugene, Oregon Donald Trump attempted to portray Hilary Clinton as an “unbelievably nasty, mean enabler” who destroyed the lives of Bill Clinton’s mistresses.

Trump offered no evidence about how Hillary has “destroyed” the lives of Bill’s former mistresses.

After kicking up dirt about her association with Bill Clinton’s past affairs, Trump said “nobody respects women more than me.”

Speaking to a crowd in Lynden, Washington on Saturday Donald Trump falsely claimed that Hilary Clinton wants to abolish the right to bear arms which she has never advocated for with her domestic agenda.

“Hilary Clinton wants to take your guns away and she wants to abolish the Second Amendment” Trump said.

Clinton’s Gun Control Policy

Hilary Clinton has adopted a gun control policy that leaves the Second Amendment fully in tact but calls for tougher federal background rules and following through with new proposals to reduce urban gun violence.

Under Clinton’s three-tiered plan, she hopes to 1) build on the Brady Bill’s success and push for comprehensive federal background check legislation that seeks to reduce unlawful gun transfers to dangerous individuals, 2) Close the “Charleston Loophole” that allows a gun sale to proceed without a completed background check if that check has not been completed within three days, and 3) Tighten the gun show and Internet sales loophole that requires any person attempting to sell a significant number of guns abide by the same rules that apply to gun stores- requiring background checks on gun sales.

Clinton has also advocated for revoking the licenses of bad actor gun dealers and repealing the gun industry’s unique immunity protection or “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” that prevents victims of gun violence from holding negligent manufacturers and dealers accountable for violence perpetrated with their guns.

Trump’s Plan For Lowering National Debt Will Likely Lead To High Interest Rates, Credit Downgrade

On Thursday during a phone interview with CNBC, Donald Trump, the so called “king of debt” spoke about a plan to have creditors of U.S. debt essentially take a haircut by having bond holders (Treasury bill holders) to receive less than full value of their U.S. Treasuries.

Although Trump boasts about how he restructured the debt of four of his struggling companies in the past using bankruptcy laws, resulting in him paying his creditors less than the original amount under contract, the national debt of a sovereign nation operates differently than businesses.

The yield on U.S. Treasuries would rise sharply if Trump’s plans ever moved closer to reality, leading to higher interest rates and a likely credit downgrade for the U.S. which would lead to higher borrowing costs for the government.

Most economists remain highly skeptical that Trump’s debt restructuring plan would ever work.




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