Clinton said the U.S. Can’t Risk A “Loose Canon” Like Trump Running The Country.

Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton said that she doesn’t think the U.S. can take a risk on a “loose canon” like Donald Trump running the country during an exclusive interview yesterday with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“Donald Trump has said that it’s okay for other countries to get nuclear weapons. I think that’s just downright dangerous” Clinton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Trump said in March and April that the U.S. should not try so hard to stop nuclear proliferation.

His controversial comments about nuclear proliferation managed to annoy leaders from Korea and Japan who are faced with having to deal with a restive neighbor in North Korean Supreme Leader Kim  Jong-un who has been unrelenting in testing nuclear devices besides short and medium range ballistic missiles.

Trump posed a series of challenging questions about whether the U.S. should continue to bear the burden of defending Asian allies and said he is willing to allow Japan and South Korea to acquire nuclear weapons which would likely lead to a nuclear arms race to deter their obstinate neighbor, North Korea.

Following World War II that saw the devastating impact of U.S. atomic bombs landing in Japan, a non-nuclear policy was fully adopted in Japan that bans the development of nuclear weapons.

U.S. President Obama questioned Donald Trump’s knowledge of foreign policy during the end of a summit meeting in late March about nuclear security and said world leaders and other gathered professionals at the meeting had expressed concerns about Trump’s controversial comments during their private conversations.

Clinton Calls Out Trump On Other Domestic Policy Issues

During yesterday’s exclusive CNN meeting, Hilary Clinton challenged Trump’s domestic social policies over a range of issues such as abortion, climate change, and wages.

“He has said wages are too high. I think we need to have a raise for the American people. Raise the minimum wage. Get wages back going up” Clinton said.

“I think when he said woman should be punished for having abortions that is just beyond anything that I can imagine…. I think most women can imagine” Clinton added.

When CNN’S Anderson Cooper pointed out that Trump walked that statement back, Clinton responded, “He’s somebody who’s said so many things and I’m sure that he’ll be scrambling and his advisers will be scrambling but he’s already said all these things.”

“He says climate change is a Chinese hoax and I think its real and we’ve got to pull the world together to deal with it” Clinton added.

“I think he’s a loose canon and loose canons tend to misfire”  Clinton said.

Trump is currently polling lower against Clinton in the U.S. general election, notably among women and Hispanics, two important groups of people that Republicans have struggled win over during past presidential elections.





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