Trump Wins Big In Indiana, Cruz Suspends His Campaign; Sanders Surprises

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump pulled off an important primary victory in Indiana on Tuesday that resulted in the Republican presidential challenger Ted Cruz suspending his presidential campaign and not endorsing Donald Trump for the nomination after admitting that he had no path forward against the billionaire political outsider who has picked up crucial political momentum in recent weeks.

Trump won decisively over Ted Cruz during Indiana’s Tuesday primary and captured nearly all of the 57 Republican delegates up for grabs.

Cruz’s supporters gasped and shouted “no” when Cruz announced that he was suspending his presidential campaign and would instead “continue to fight for liberty.”

Noticeably absent was any mention about whether Cruz would endorse Donald Trump during the remainder of the political season.

As of 1:00 a.m. E.S.T. Donald Trump already won 51 of the 57 delegates, according to the AP.

With 98 percent reporting already in, Trump gained 53.3 percent of the Indiana Republican primary votes to Cruz’s 36.7 percent.

John Kasich gained 7.5 percent.

Before the primary votes became official, Donald Trump tweeted that “lyin’ Cruz” should drop out of the race and stop wasting time and money

Trump Cites Questionable Tabloid Source About Cruz’s Father Being In Photo With Lee Harvey Oswald

On Tuesday morning, sparks were flying in the air between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz after Republican frontrunner Trump went on Fox News And Friends show and referenced a questionable 2 week old National Enquirer tabloid article that allegedly showed a 1963 New Orleans photo of Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, with Lee Harvey Oswald, the killer of John F. Kennedy, shortly before he murdered the U.S. president.

A Cruz spokesman was quoted in the Miami Herald refuting those unsubstantiated tabloid claims and showing flaws were contained in the story.

The Miami Herald pointed out that Cruz campaign spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told the AP on April 22nd, “it’s not him” and noted that after the AP examined the grainy, black-and-white images in mid-April it could not confirm that any of the people in the photo were actually Rafael Cruz.

Cruz Unloads Stinging Criticism About Trump

Cruz fired back at Trump on Tuesday morning and rebuked Trump’s claims regarding his father being associated with Lee Harvey Oswald, saying, “this is nuts” and “this is just kooky.”

Cruz explained that Trump’s source of information for his questionable claim is the National Enquirer, which he called “tabloid trash” and run by Trump’s good friend David Pecker, the CEO, who has already endorsed Trump.

Cruz said that the National Enquirer is Donald’s “hit piece” that he uses to smear “anybody and everybody. ”

“It was also the National Enquirer that went after my wife Heidi….. that just spread lies, blatant lies. But I guess that Donald was dismayed because it was a couple of weeks ago that the Enquirer wrote this idiotic story about JFK” Cruz said.

“And Donald was dismayed that the folks in the media weren’t repeating this latest idiocy so he figured  he had to do it himself. He had to go on national television and accuse my dad of that” Cruz said.

Cruz called his father Rafael “his hero” and gave his own blunt opinion of the character of billionaire Donald Cruz.

Cruz accused Trump of being a “pathological liar” who doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies, who accuses everyone of lying, cannot tell the truth, and is a “narcissist.”

Cruz said Trump is a “bully” and criticized the frontrunner for going after his wife’s physical appearance on the campaign trail.


Trump shot back at Cruz on Twitter, calling the Republican Texas Senator “whacko” today and said he made “crazy charges.”

The National Enquirer printed an earlier tabloid story in the past over an unsubstantiated claim about Ted Cruz having an extramarital affair.

Trump’s reliance on tabloid reporting is nothing new.

As the Miami Herald noted, Trump cited an Alex Jones radio show known to support conspiracy theories that commented about rumors about “thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating after the 9/11 attacks. The rumors were proven to be false.

Updated Indiana Primary Results

Trump gained at least 51 delegates of the 57 available on Tuesday and has 1,047 total Republican delegates.

That is just 190 delegates short of securing the 1,237 delegate threshold needed for the Republican nomination.

Bernie Sanders pulled off an upset win in Indiana and picked up slightly more delegates than Hilary Clinton.

However, Sander’s win on Tuesday in Indiana has little impact on his large deficit.

As of 1:50 a.m. E.S.T. Sanders picked up 43 delegates in Indiana to Clinton’s 37 delegates.

Clinton didn’t campaign hard in Indiana where it’s not a winner take all primary state with the delegates split proportionally.

Clinton has chosen to spend the past 2 days campaigning in West Virginia and Kentucky where the next primary races will occur on May 10th and May 17th.

Clinton has 1,682 pledged delegates to Sanders’ 1,361.

Including the Super delegates, Clinton’s lead widens to 2,202 compared to Sanders’ 1,400.

There are 2,383 delegates needed for Democratic nomination. Clinton is only 181 delegates short of capturing the nomination-provided that all of the Super Delegates remain with her.

Sanders tweeted: “The Political Revolution Wins In Indiana”

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