Ted Cruz Calls Clinton and Trump “Ultimate Washington Insiders” On Meet The Press

Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz called Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton the ultimate Washington insiders during an NBC Meet the Press interview that aired on Sunday morning.

Trailing Republican frontrunner Donald Trump by 431 delegates ahead 0f Tuesday’s Republican primary in Indiana with no mathematical pathway to catch up before the Republican Convention in July, Cruz went on the attack on Meet the Press and blamed the Washington political establishment and the media for Trump’s dominance.

“The greatest fraud in this entire election is Donald pretending he’s some sort of outsider. Donald and Hillary are the ultimate Washington insiders” Cruz said on Meet the Press.

“They have been enmeshed in the corruption” Cruz added.

Responding to former House Speaker John Boehner’s strongly worded comments last week that called him “Lucifer in the flesh”, Ted Cruz said that he saw the comments and kind of thought that Boehner was “auditioning to be Trump’s VP candidate.”

Cruz said that the media has given $ 2 billion of free advertising to Donald Trump.

“The media created this Trump phenomenon, and then…and then they don’t hold him accountable” Cruz explained.

“Now I’m sure the media plan to do so if he’s the nominee in the general election. Suddenly you’re going to hear every day about Donald Trump’s tax returns” Cruz said.

When asked repeatedly by NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd if he would ever support Donald Trump as a Republican presidential nominee, Cruz dodged the question each time and conveniently changed the subject.

After he was cornered about whether he would support Trump as the Republican nominee Cruz replied, “We will lose.”

Cruz painted a dark and foreboding picture of what happens if he loses the Republican nomination.

“If we lose this, if we lose this, we lose our country” Cruz said.

“We lose the Supreme Court for a generation, religious liberty is taken away, the Second Amendment is taken away, our kids are bankrupted. We are at the edge of a cliff” Cruz warned.

Although Ted Cruz has been called “lying Ted” in the past by Donald Trump, he turned the tables on Trump and claimed the billionaire Republican front-runner is lying to his supporters.

“He’s mocking his supporters. Because he’s lying to them” Cruz said on Meet the Press.

Cruz said that Trump tries to pretend that he is a supporter of the working man and women but pointed out that he’s the only person in this race who’s had a million-dollar court judgment against him for hiring illegal aliens.

“And on trade, he pretends to…to…to support American free trade. Donald Trump, the ties he sells, the shirts he sells, the suits he sells, are manufactured in Mexico and China” Cruz said.

Cruz optimistically predicted that he’s going to beat Donald Trump in the Republican race.

“We are headed to a contested convention and we’re gonna win and I’m not willing to concede this country” Cruz said.

The majority of poll in Indiana show Donald Trump is leading Ted Cruz ahead of Tuesday’s Republican primary in the Hoosier State.

Trump only needs 241 more delegates to reach the 1,237 threshold to secure the Republican nomination.






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