Cruz Discards Tradition And Names Carly Fiorina As Running Mate; She Breaks Out Singing

After yesterday’s primary losses in 5 northeastern U.S. states and facing the grim prospect of having no clear pathway to capture enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination on his own, Ted Cruz did what every humbled presidential candidate is expected to do next: hold a press conference and announce that Carly Fiorina is now your new running mate and vice president selection.

Breaking from tradition, Cruz has voyaged off in unchartered waters by naming his own running mate before he has even secured the Republican nomination and still trails frontrunner Donald Cruz by 425 delegates with only 10 primaries left in the Republican primary calendar.

Cruz’s only real hope to secure the Republican nomination is through a backdoor approach by taking enough delegates away from Donald Cruz during the remaining Republican primary races so that the billionaire frontrunner is denied the 1,237 candidates he needs to capture the Republican nomination and then hope that he is the preferred candidate during what would then become a contested Republican Convention in July.

During Ted Cruz’s unexpected press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Carly Fiorina quickly accepted Cruz’s invitation and broke out singing, adding a bizarre twist to an unpredictable Republican presidential race that has been anything but boring.

Watch Fiorina sing to the crowd here:

Carly Fiorina was unsuccessful running for the Republican presidential nomination this election season and had an unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate in 2010 while living in California.

She was also a former adviser to Republican Senator John McCain in his unsuccessful 2008 presidential race.

During her tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packer from 1999-2005, Fiorina oversaw the largest technology sector merger in history at the time after acquiring rival PC manufacturer Compaq.

HP laid off 30,000 employees and Fiorina was forced to resign as CEO in February 2005 after HP’s stock lost half of its market value.

Adding Fiorina to the Cruz presidential campaign gets everyone talking about Ted Cruz again and could be intended to lure more female voters before the remaining Republican primaries, especially in her home state of California which has 172 Republican delegates up for grabs on June 7th.

Final Primary Results From Super Tuesday – The Associated Press

Here are the final Super Tuesday delegate counts after Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton pulled off big wins yesterday in 5 northeastern U.S. states.

Donald Trump won in all 5 U.S. states and now has 987 total delegates.

Ted Cruz has 562 delegates and John Kasich has 153 delegates.

There are 1,237 total delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination and Donald Trump is now only 250 delegates away.

The next Republican primary is May 3rd in Indiana (57 delegates).

Hilary Clinton won in 4 out of 5 primaries on Super Tuesday.

She has an 809 delegate lead with 2,164 total delegates which includes Super Delegates.

There are 2,383 delegates need to secure the Democratic nomination. Clinton is only 219 delegates away.

Bernie Sanders trails behind with 1,355 delegates.

In terms of pledged delegates, Clinton has an advantage of 328 delegates over Sanders.

Clinton has 1,644 delegates to Sanders’ 1,316.

The next Democratic Primary occurs on May 3rd in Indiana (83 delegates).







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