Preview Of Super Tuesday Primaries in 5 Northeastern States; Clinton and Trump Expected To Increase Leads

Today 5 northeastern U.S. states will hold state primaries that are expected to bring more delegates and momentum to the two frontrunners: Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island will all hold state primaries on Tuesday with 118 Republican and 384 Democratic delegates at stake.

Among the 384 Democratic delegates on the Democratic side, 284 of them will come from 2 states: Pennsylvania and Maryland where Hilary Clinton leads in the polls by a strong margin. Pennsylvania has 189 pledged Democratic delegates up for grabs and Maryland has 95 delegates.

Four out of the five states in the Democratic race have closed primaries on Tuesday which means they are closed to independents and seen as less favorable to Bernie Sanders who benefitted from independents in a host of previous state primaries.

Rhode Island is the only state that doesn’t have a closed primary election on Tuesday. Sanders will have the best chance to win in Rhode Island compared to the other four states on Tuesday.

Overall Sanders is trailing by a significant margin compared to Hilary Clinton and needs to win over 70 percent of the remaining delegates to catch Clinton before the Democratic Convention on July 25th-28th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It will be an uphill battle for Sanders to win by that large of a margin in the remaining Democratic nominating contests.

He is not expected to win more delegates than Clinton in today’s primaries and is currently behind in polls conducted in Indiana and California, a state that has 475 delegates at stake in June.

Clinton leads by 752 total delegates which includes Super Delegates.

Clinton has 1,944 to Sanders’ 1,192. There are 2,383 delegates needed for the Democratic nomination.

In terms of pledged delegates, Clinton leads by 275 delegates with 1,428 compared to Sanders’ 1,153.

Looking ahead at the upcoming primary calendar, there will only be 4 state primaries in May on the Democratic side with a combined total of 228 pledged delegates available.

None of the Democratic state primaries in May have more than 100 delegates from any one state.

Indiana has the largest Democratic delegate number with 83 voting on May 3rd followed by Oregon which has 61 Democratic delegates who will pick a side to support on May 17th.

Sanders is favored in Oregon.

In June there are 6 U.S. states holding primaries with a total of 694 pledged Democratic delegates available.

California has the largest number of Democratic delegates with 475 followed by New Jersey which has 126 delegates.

Republican Side

Donald Trump is heavily favored to win in all five primaries across northeastern states today.

Currently, Trump leads Ted Cruz by 286 delegates.

Trump has a total of 845 delegates compared to Cruz’s 559 and remains 392 delegates away from capturing the 1,237 needed to secure the nomination and avoid a contested Republican convention from July 18-21st in Cleveland, Ohio.

Among the 5 state primaries on the Republican side in May, there are a combined 199 Republican delegates at stake with Indiana representing the highest number (57) on May 3rd followed by Washington state (44) on May 24th.

In June five U.S. states representing 303 Republican delegates will chose sides in Republican primaries with California holding the highest number (172) of delegates.

-Johnathan Schweitzer

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