President Obama To Send An Additional 250 U.S. Special Forces To Syria

President Obama announced today from Germany that another 250 U.S. special forces will be sent to Syria to train and assist local military forces that are battling ISIS in the war torn region.

The additional 250 U.S. special forces will join the 50 U.S. special forces who were previously deployed to Syria for the training of armed forces that are battling ISIS fighters.

Last week U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced an additional 200 U.S. troops in neighboring Iraq during a visit to Baghdad.

“Just as I  approved additional support for Iraqi forces against ISIL, I’ve decided to increase U.S. support for local forces fighting ISIL in Syria, a small number of special operation forces are already on the ground in Syria and their expertise has been critical as local forces have driven ISIL out of key areas” President Obama said today in Hanover, Germany.

President Obama emphasized that he still remains committed to seek diplomatic solutions to the armed conflict in Syria that has sent millions of Syrians fleeing the country.

“Just as we remain relentless on the military front we’re not going to give up on diplomacy to end the civil war in Syria because the suffering of the people in Syria has to end and that requires an effective political transition”  President Obama said.


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